Are Tommy and Georgia still together?

Are Tommy and Georgia still together?

Georgia and Tommy have been together for six years and they’ll celebrate their seventh anniversary in October 2021. And although their relationship blossomed thanks to their time on TOWIE together, they actually meet at the gym months before Tommy joined the show during series 13, back in 2014.

Who came from TOWIE with Georgia?

Georgia joined the Towie cast in 2014 shortly after Tommy for the 11th series. They left the ITVbe show last year after finding out they were expecting their first baby.

Are Tommy and Georgia engaged?

TOWIE stars Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallet are engaged after romantic Mexico proposal. The Only Way Is Essex star Georgia Kousoulou has announced her engagement to Tommy Mallet, sharing gorgeous photos of his romantic Mexico proposal.

Is Georgia Kousoulou Greek?

29-year-old Georgia was brought up in Essex by her mother and Greek father. She is a straight-talking girl who puts loyalty first and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Did Tommy cheat on Georgia?

Danielle reveals to Georgia that Tommy asked Diags to cover for him the now-infamous night they went out in Newcastle. Georgia doesn’t believe that Tommy cheated that night, even though Diags is claiming that he covered for him and they didn’t share a room after all.

When did Georgia meet Tommy?

Meeting. The pair met after Tommy joined TOWIE in 2014, series 13, and have now been together for over eight years, having celebrated their seventh anniversary on 31 October 2021.

Who is Georgia Kousoulou dad?

Luke KousoulouGeorgia Kousoulou / Father

What is Tommy mallets net worth?

The Only Way is Essex star Tommy has a net worth of over £1 million thanks to his brand Mallet London, which is thought to be worth over £2.5 million.

Who is Tommys dad?

Tommy’s mum’s name is Beverley Groom, while his father is Mark Fordham. Both can be found on Instagram @bevie_groom and @fordham59. Tommy’s parents got married on TV in 1999 on BBC show Love Town.

Who is Georgia K?

Georgia Kousoulou inherited her business acumen from her dad and has built up quite the empire alongside her boyfriend Tommy Mallet. Georgia Kousoulou burst onto our screens in The Only Way is Essex back in 2014 and has since become one of half of a power couple alongside her boyfriend Tommy Mallet.