How can I play for Hyderabad Cricket Association?

How can I play for Hyderabad Cricket Association?

Registration of all players must be uploaded to The Process will commence from 10:00 am of 01-08-2019. The guidlines will be available on the web-page. NEW MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION OF HYDERABAD CRICKET ASSOCIATION REGISTERED ON 22-09-2018.

Can I become cricketer from Hyderabad?

The first step to get noticed is to start playing leagues / tournaments under HCA (Hyderabad Cricket Association). HCA selectors are impressed mainly with the performances under these hca tournaments than any other tournaments.

What is the fees of Hyderabad Cricket Academy?

Galaxy Cricket Academy Hyderabad

Group Coaching Monthly Fees Rs.2000/- Monthly Fees For Group Coaching Per Student ₹2000 Join Now
Personal Coaching Monthly Fees Rs.5000/- Monthly Fees For Personal Coaching Per Student (One to One Coaching) ₹5000 Join Now

Which cricket academy is better in Hyderabad?

VVS Sports Academy One of the most famous sports academies in Hyderabad, they’ve got the latest equipment, coaches and other facilities like competitive matches to take cricketing skills to the next level.

Who is president of HCA?

In September 2019, Mohammad Azharuddin elected as the President of Hyderabad Cricket Association.

Is cricket a good career?

Amazingly, players in the biggest T20 leagues in the world, such as the IPL, can earn almost three times as much money per game as English Premier League footballers. So, in many regards, being a professional cricketer might be one of the most lucrative professional sports roles in the world!

Where did Mohammed Siraj took coaching?

Domestic career Siraj made his first-class debut on 15 November 2015 under the coaching of Karthik Udupa playing for Hyderabad in the 2015–16 Ranji Trophy tournament. He made his Twenty20 debut on 2 January 2016 in the 2015–16 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy tournament.

What is the fees of cricket academy in Delhi?

Delhi Cricket League Academy

Existing Students / 4 Month Rs.3300/- Fees for 4 Month For Existing Students ₹3300 Book Now
New Students / 4 Month Rs.4300/- Fees for 4 Month Including Registration Charges ₹4300 Book Now
New Students / 1 Month Rs.2000/- Fees for 1 Month Including Registration Charges ₹2000 Book Now