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What are bandsaw guide blocks made of?

What are bandsaw guide blocks made of?

What is the Difference? Cool Blocks are made out of graphite impregnated phenolic resin laminate. Ceramic Guide Blocks are made of aluminum oxide powder that has been compressed into shape under tremendous pressure, then heated at over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

How much space should there be between a band saw blade and the upper guide blocks?

The guide blocks should have an air gap on both sides of the blade the thickness of a piece of paper. The upper guide assembly should be anywhere from 1/4″ to 1/2″ above the work piece being cut. If too much blade shows, it becomes dangerous.

Where should a bandsaw blade sit on the wheel?

Make sure the machine is disconnected from the power supply. When tracking, you always want to make sure that the blade is sat on the crown of the wheel, with the deepest part of the gullet in the centre.

What do you use your band saw for?

When I first made my homemade band saw, the idea was that it would primarily be used for resawing and cutting bigger parts out roughly. I made the blade guides from pieces of UHMW plastic, since I found that works great for the wide blades I would be using.

Can I make new blade guide blocks for my UHMW saw?

The UHMW plastic guides are perfect for the 3/4″ blade that was on the saw, but would wear out very quickly with the 3/8″ blade. To solve this, I decided that I would make new blade guide blocks for the saw. The first thing that came to mind were sealed bearings, but I didn’t have enough of the size I would need to get it done.

Can you use a 3/8 resaw band saw for general use?

Having a dedicated resaw band saw is a luxury, especially in a smaller workshop, and somewhat wasteful. So, to make the saw more suitable for general use, I bought a new 3/8″ blade: The problem with using a narrower blade is that the plastic blade guide blocks don’t work well, since there is not enough flat area behind the teeth.

What makes a bandsaw different from a saw?

The obvious thing to note is that the blades of a bandsaw are flexible and not rigid like on a saw or even on some bigger blades on a jigsaw. This makes the bandsaw not really a precision tool as the blade can slightly wander from side to side.