What happened to my Flixster account?

What happened to my Flixster account?

History. In February 2016, Fandango acquired Flixster and began migrating Flixster Video users to its competing service called FandangoNow, closing the Flixster Video service. On August 28, 2017, Flixster shut down its digital redemption and streaming video service and directed customers to use Vudu.

How do I link my UltraViolet account to Flixster?

Using a web browser, go to

  1. If you do not have an existing Flixsterâ„¢ account, either click Sign up or Connect with Facebook and follow the steps to create an account.
  2. After creating an account or signing in, the Link to an UltraViolet Account window will appear, click Yes, Link Account.

Can I still access my Flixster Movies?

Flixster Video has shut down its operations in the U.S. and no longer supports redemption of digital codes or playback of videos in the U.S. However, former Flixster Video customers will still be able to watch all of the videos in their collection and redeem digital codes through Vudu.

How do I restore my UltraViolet movies?

1. You can save your UltraViolet digital library by connecting your UV account’s email address to a retailer. In the US, the suggested retailers include FandangoNow, Vudu, and the systems-dependent Kaleidescape (also in the UK and Canada). Log-in at and click on Retailer Services to link accounts.

Does UltraViolet still exist?

On January 31, 2019, DECE announced that Ultraviolet would shut down on July 31, 2019. This shutdown came after the launch of Movies Anywhere over a year earlier, along with Fox, Universal, Lionsgate, Paramount, and Warner Bros. beginning to drop out of issuing new UV rights for their films during that time period.

How do I redeem my UltraViolet code?

How to Redeem and Play Digital UltraViolet Movies

  1. Step One: Choose an UltraViolet Partner. Things are complicated right off the bat.
  2. Step Two: Link UltraViolet with VUDU or Fandango. Next, you need to create an UltraViolet library within those two services.
  3. Step Three: Redeem Movie Codes.
  4. Step Four: Watch Your Movies.

How do I merge my UltraViolet accounts?

Step 3: Merge your UltraViolet account with your Vudu account

  1. Navigate to from your web browser.
  2. Log in with your Vudu account credentials if you haven’t already.
  3. Click on your Profile Name in the upper left corner of the website.
  4. Click on UltraViolet.
  5. Click on the Already have Ultraviolet?
  6. Click on Connect.

How do I access my UltraViolet movies?

Are my UltraViolet movies gone?

Why is UltraViolet closing?

The final nail to UltraViolet’s coffin was Disney’s relaunch of its own cloud locker as Movies Anywhere, a cross-industry cloud locker with buy in from all major studios. UltraViolet’s closure functions as a reminder to consumers that ownership rules are different in the digital world.

Where do I redeem my UltraViolet code?

UltraViolet partners with the following services in the countries it supports:

  • VUDU.
  • Fandango NOW (previously partnered with Flixter, which is now defunct)
  • Kaleidescape.
  • Paramount.
  • Sony Pictures.
  • Verizon FiOS.

Can I redeem UltraViolet on Movies Anywhere?

You can add your UltraViolet movies to Movies Anywhere, but you need a Vudu account to do so (I know, you have to sign up for one more account).