How are a stub zone records updated if the stub zone is Active Directory integrated?

How are a stub zone records updated if the stub zone is Active Directory integrated?

If you integrate the stub zone into Active Directory Domain Services(AD DS), you have the option to specify that the DNS server hosting the stub zone uses a local list of master servers when it updates the stub zone’s resource records, rather than having the DNS server use the master servers list that is stored in AD …

What is stub zone in Active Directory?

A stub zone is a copy of a Domain Name System (DNS) zone that contains only resource records that identify the DNS servers for that zone. You can add either a forward lookup zone or a reverse lookup zone. You can add either an Active Directory-integrated zone or a file-backed zone.

Can I add a records in stub zone?

you cannot add any records in Stub zone. For adding a record, you need to create a primary zone. Stub Zones are secondary zone meaning the zones are read only.

What are the three types of DNS records available with stub zones?

DNS servers cooperate to accurately resolve an IP address from a domain name. In step 1, the stub resolver at the host sends a DNS query to the recursive resolver….The three DNS server types server are the following:

  • DNS stub resolver server.
  • DNS recursive resolver server.
  • DNS authoritative server.

What are stub zones used for?

DNS stub zones are used to enable your DNS servers to resolve records in another domain. The information in the stub zone allows your DNS to contact the authoritative DNS server directly. This does sound a bit like conditional forwarding, and actually, it is!

What is the purpose of a stub zone?

A stub zone is a copy of a zone that contains only those resource records necessary to identify the authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) servers for that zone. A stub zone is used to resolve names between separate DNS namespaces.

Why do we need stub zone?

How do you make a stub zone?

Since the target is a forward lookup zone, right click on Forward Lookup Zones and select New Zone. Click Next on the welcome screen that appears. Select Stub Zone on the zone type selection. You can also tick on Store the zone in Active Directory to make this zone replicated to other DNS server.