Who sang the first time I look into your eyes I cried?

Who sang the first time I look into your eyes I cried?

SurfaceThe First Time / ArtistSurface was an American music group from New Jersey, active from 1983 to 1994. They are best known for their #1 pop and R&B hit “The First Time”. During its heyday, the group consisted of singer/bassist Bernard Jackson, David Townsend, and David Conley. Wikipedia

Who are the members of surface?

Bernard JacksonBass guitar
David ConleyVocalsDavid TownsendGuitarEverett Collins

What happened to the group called surface?

David Townsend, 50, a singer, guitarist and keyboardist for the 1980s R&B group Surface, was found dead at his home in Northridge on Wednesday, according to Randy Lopez, a spokesman for RDMJ Entertainment Management, which has managed Surface since it reunited in 2004. The cause of death was not known.

When was surfaces band formed?

2017Surfaces / Active from
History. Surfaces was formed in 2017. Colin Padalecki began creating music in high school with his cousin and singer Alexa Padalecki. Colin began to upload his music online while attending Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Who sang for the first time?

Kenny LogginsFor the First Time / Artist

What type of music is Surfaces?

PopSurfaces / Genre

What kind of music is Surfaces?

Comprised of Colin Padalecki and Forrest Frank, Surfaces produces the most delightful fusion of jazz, pop, soul, reggae, and calypso we’ve heard in recent memory.

Who are the singers in Surfaces?

Forrest Frank
Colin Padalecki

Who made the song Sunday best?

SurfacesSunday Best / Artist

Who produced surface?

Surface Pressure

“Surface Pressure”
Label Walt Disney
Songwriter(s) Lin-Manuel Miranda
Producer(s) Lin-Manuel Miranda
Music video

Are surfaces brothers?

Surfaces are a Texas based band made up of brother and sister Colin and Alexa Padalecki and Forrest Frank. Surfaces’ debut album Surf was released late 2017 and I have been obsessed with it.