How many died in the Fastnet race in 1979?

How many died in the Fastnet race in 1979?

The race resulted in the deaths of 18 people, 15 competing yachtsmen, and three rescuers. A total of 86 yachts finished. There were 194 retirements and 24 abandoned yachts, including five that sank. An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 August 1979.

What happened in the 1979 Fastnet race?

In 1979, it was the climax of the five-race Admiral’s Cup competition, as it had been since 1957. A worse-than-expected storm on the third day of the race wreaked havoc on over 303 yachts that started the biennial race, resulting in 19 fatalities (15 yachtsmen and four spectators).

When was the tragic Fastnet race?

Fastnet Race 1979: Life and death decision – Matthew Sheahan’s story. At 0830 Tuesday 14 August 1979, aged 17, five minutes changed my life.

Where is the Fastnet Race?

Leaving The Solent through The Needles Channel, the race follows the southern coastline of England westward down the English Channel, before rounding Land’s End. After crossing the Celtic Sea, the race rounds the Fastnet Rock off the southwest coast of Ireland.

How many people died in the Fastnet disaster?

19 people
Forty years ago, 19 people died in what became the worst disaster in ocean racing history. More than 300 boats, carrying 2,500 sailors, set off from Cowes for the biennial race to Fastnet rock in southern Ireland.

What was the name of the storm that hit the Fastnet Race?

BBC ON THIS DAY | 14 | 1979: Freak storm hits yacht race. Dozens of yachts have been lost and at least three people killed after a freak storm blew up in the Irish Sea during the Fastnet yacht race.

How many boats are in the Fastnet Race?

450 boats
In total 450 boats will compete, including entries in the Class 40, IMOCA 60, Volvo Ocean 65 and Multihull grand prix classes. 5. The main trophy for overall winner of the Rolex Fastnet is called the Fastnet Challenge Cup.

Who won 2021 Fastnet race?

Tom Kneen’s JPK 11.80 Sunrise has been crowned overall winner of the Rolex Fastnet Race 2021.