Is Rebecca Harkin related to Keith Harkin?

Is Rebecca Harkin related to Keith Harkin?

Rebecca Harkin, who has gained international acclaim after launching her debut album ‘Things Man Be Someway’ last year and touring the world after having supported her brother Keith Harkin on tour in the past and making a name for herself on the Irish music circuit, is now looking forward to performing her next big …

Is Keith Harkin still married to Kelsey?

Keith Harkin (born10 June 1986 in Derry, Northern Ireland) is a singer and songwriter. He became famous when he joined Irish music group, Celtic Thunder. After nearly ten years with the group, Harkin decided to take some time off and tour on his own. He is now married to his wife Kelsey.

Is Damian McGinty still married?

McGinty announced his engagement to Anna Claire Sneed, on 3 June 2018, via Instagram post. The pair had been dating since April 2014. On 1 June 2019, McGinty and Sneed got married in Memphis, Tennessee.

What is Keith Harkin doing today?

He is currently working on album #5 at his studio in Ireland.”

Why did Damian leave Glee?

He was the youngest member of “Celtic Thunder.” Damian had to resign from Celtic Thunder due to the commitment of starring in Glee. He described the parting as “bittersweet.” He was the youngest contestant on the The Glee Project (September 9, 1992), with the second being Alex Newell (August 20, 1992).

What has happened to Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder?

While busy at work on his solo career, Keith has continued to perform as a lead soloist in Celtic Thunder, touring Australia and the United States 2014, and the US and Canada in 2015.

Who is Colm Keegan married to?

He is currently touring with his wife, Laura, on various solo tours.

What is Celtic Thunder doing now?

Celtic Thunder is currently touring across 1 country and has 11 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Paramount Theatre in Denver, after that they’ll be at Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City.