What are downhole equipments?

What are downhole equipments?

Downhole Tools are pieces of oilfield equipment that are used during well drilling, completion and intervention or well workover activities and helps the oil well in optimizing the production levels and maintain a continuous flow from a reservoir.

What equipment is used for drilling?

The directional drilling equipment can include mud pumps, mud tanks, drilling pipe, controls, directional tools installed on a drill string, and similar conventional directional drilling equipment.

What equipment is on an oil rig?

The equipment needs an enormous and continuous power supply. That makes power supplies an essential part of the oil and gas industry. Heavy instruments include equipment such as hoisting systems, cranes, turntables, pumps, and large engines.

What is downhole completion?

Lower completion (downhole completion) This refers to the portion of the well across the production or injection zone. The well designer has many tools and options available to design the lower completion (downhole completion) according to the conditions of the reservoir.

What is drilling equipment in construction?

1.  Drilling equipment and methods are used by the construction and mining industries to drill holes in both rock and earth.  Purposes for which drilling are performed, vary a great deal from general to highly specialized applications. Introduction.

What is PDG instrumentation?

A permanent downhole gauge (PDG) is a pressure and/or temperature gauge permanently installed in an oil or gas well. Typically they are installed in tubing in the well and can measure the tubing pressure or annulus pressure or both.

What is Monkey board in drilling rig?

The monkey board is a platform on a rotary tool drill rig from which a roughneck manhandled the top end of the pipe as it was being lowered into or removed from the drill hole.

What is well completion equipment?

Completion equipment are those equipment which are used to bring an oil well to the completion state so that first test production and later on commercial production can be started from it.