What do indebtedness means?

What do indebtedness means?

Definition of indebtedness 1 : the condition of being indebted. 2 : something (such as an amount of money) that is owed.

What is a maund in weight?

noun. a unit of weight in India and other parts of Asia, varying greatly according to locality: in India, from about 25 to 82.286 pounds (11 to 37.4 kilograms) (the latter being the government maund).

What is indebtedness in finance?

Financial Indebtedness means any obligation for the payment or repayment of money, whether as principal or as surety and whether present or future, actual or contingent; Sample 2.

Is indebted legit?

InDebted is a collection agency that has become a global leader in the field by placing customers first. Our goal is to deliver the best customer service experience imaginable. We’re digital-first with amazing online technology delivering our customers the tools they need to resolve accounts as smoothly as possible.

What is indebtedness in sociology?

Indebtedness means an obligation to pay money to another party. In rural India the poor farmers and wage labours etc. when are unable to repay a loan and accumulate it, gives rise to the problem of rural indebtedness.

What is an example of indebtedness?

The definition of indebtedness is the state of owing something (usually money) to someone, or the total amount owed. An example of indebtedness is when you owe the bank $100 and your friend $200. The condition of owing money to another. The state of being indebted.

How do you use indebtedness?

How to use indebtedness in a sentence

  1. I cant let you increase your indebtedness, and his pudgy hand lifted the basket and put it on the shelf behind him.
  2. But a bank can retain a dividend that has been declared to reduce the indebtedness of the owner to the bank for his stock.

Does the Bible say not to be in debt?

Romans 13:8 Let no debt remain outstanding except the continuing debt to love on another.. Proverbs 22:7 The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.

How many tons are in a Maund?

27.22 Maunds
One ton (2240 lbs) = 1.01605 M. tons = 27.22 Maunds.

How do you convert kg to Maund?

1 kilogram is equal to 0.025 maund [Pakistan].