What party was George Reid in?

What party was George Reid in?

Conservative PartyGeorge Reid / PartyThe Conservative Party, officially the Conservative and Unionist Party, and also known colloquially as the Tories, Tory Party, or simply the Conservatives, is one of two main political parties and Wikipedia

When did Henry Parkes move to Australia?

Immigration to Australia After the loss of their two children at an early age and a few unsuccessful weeks living in London, Parkes and his wife emigrated to New South Wales. They travelled aboard the Strathfieldsaye, which arrived at Sydney on 25 July 1839.

Where is Andrew Fisher from?

Crosshouse, United KingdomAndrew Fisher / Place of birthCrosshouse is a village in East Ayrshire about 3 kilometres west of Kilmarnock. It grew around the cross-roads of the main Kilmarnock to Irvine road, once classified as the A71 but now reduced in status to the B7081, with a secondary road running from Kilmaurs south to Gatehead and beyond towards Prestwick. Wikipedia

Who was the Prime Minister before George Reid?

George Reid

The Right Honourable Sir George Reid GCB GCMG KC
Prime Minister Alfred Deakin Andrew Fisher
Preceded by Chris Watson
Succeeded by Joseph Cook
12th Premier of New South Wales

What did Andrew Inglis Clark do?

Andrew Inglis Clark (24 February 1848 – 14 November 1907) was an Australian founding father and co-author of the Australian Constitution; he was also an engineer, barrister, politician, electoral reformer and jurist.

What was Henry Parkes view on federation?

Parkes first spoke for federation in 1867 and later presided over the National Australasian Convention in 1891. He withdrew support from the resulting Commonwealth of Australia Bill, however, and federation was postponed until 1901. After the elections of 1891 Parkes lost his position of political leadership.

Has Australia had a non white Prime Minister?

Of those born in Australia, the majority were born in either Victoria (nine) or New South Wales (eight). Only one Prime Minister has come from a non-English speaking background (Chris Watson), and no Prime Minister has identified as an Indigenous Australian.

Why did Andrew Fisher resign?

During the election campaign he famously declared that Australia would defend Britain “to the last man and the last shilling”. However, he struggled with the demands of Australia’s participation in World War I and in October 1915 resigned in favour of his deputy Billy Hughes.