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What size is an under counter wine fridge?

What size is an under counter wine fridge?

The most popular category of wine fridges, medium to large capacity wine coolers are approximately 24-inches in width and house 40 to 100+ bottles of wine. Undercounter wine units that are 24-inches wide can easily be installed in a space that was once used by a dishwasher.

Can a freestanding wine fridge go under counter?

A freestanding wine refrigerator should never be installed under a counter. Built-in wine fridges have vents on the front of the unit, so when it is installed under a counter all of the heat is able to dissipate into the air leaving the wine and wine fridge unharmed.

How much does a built in wine fridge cost?

On average, a built-in unit for home use will cost you around $600. Most built-in wine coolers have a capacity of at least 18 bottles, and you can expect to pay around $400 for such a unit. Prices go over $1000 for appliances with capacities of 30 bottles or over, or for those with double doors.

Is a wine fridge the same size as a dishwasher?

It’s basically the size of a dishwasher and fits in any kitchen. The cooler will coordinate with your appliances and stand out perfectly.

How big should my wine fridge be?

A 32-bottle fridge gives you sufficient space to hold a large-enough wine supply. And they even come in the fancy French door style. This size is also ideal for small wine businesses or wine tasting venues. Anything larger than this is typically suitable for commercial purposes.

How much room do you need for a wine fridge?

The average door for a wine cellar is between 24 inches to 30 inches. The door is likely to open into the cellar, so you need a minimum clearance in front of the door of at least 3 feet in order to properly open, close, and walk into the space.

What is the difference between an undercounter wine cabinet and a free standing wine cabinet?

A freestanding wine cooler is designed to stand alone while a built-in wine cooler (also called a zero clearance or under-counter wine cooler) is designed to be built into existing counters and cabinetry as they include a front vent located under the door that channels heat forward away from the unit.

What is the difference between built in and built under wine cooler?

Another important difference is the dimensions of the wine cooler. Built-in models are built to the same depth as adjacent kitchen counters and other fixtures so that the wine cooler is flush with your cabinetry. Freestanding models may be at odd sizes, so they won’t fit perfectly under a counter top.

Why wine cooler is expensive?

Good wine fridges are expensive because of the specialized temperature control technology, perfectly designed racks, UV blocking glass, and humidity control units that are included in their design. Many wine fridges are custom-built to fit into a cabinet space, raising the price higher.

Can I replace my dishwasher with a wine cooler?

I have brand new kitchen built for all new appliances. Openings for dishwasher and for wine cooler have the same width 24″. No difference. You should have no problems – it’s built-in design.

What do you put in empty space in a dishwasher?

Lower storage shelves are a welcome addition for the handicapped. The dishwasher space can also be used for a hidden trash can, roll-out food or spice shelves, a place to store cookbooks and recipe boxes, a pet feeding station, a step stool or a utility cart.