Where is hirakud hydroelectric power station?

Where is hirakud hydroelectric power station?

Welcome To Hirakud Hydro Electric Project The dam is built across river Mahanadi at about 15 km upstream of Sambalpur town in the state of Odisha. This is one of the oldest hydel projects of India, being the first post-independence major multi purpose river valley project in the country.

What is the unique feature of Hirakud Dam?

It has the distinction of being at one time the longest earth dam in the world, being 25.8 km long with dams and dykes taken together. It also has the rare distinction of forming the biggest artificial lake in Asia with reservoir spread of 743 sq. km at full reservoir level.

How many turbines are there in Hirakud Dam?

Hirakud Power House.

I) Storage capacity 5896 M.cum (4.78 M.Acft)
j) Design Energy 684 MU
Water Turbine
a) No. of turbines 7 (Seven)

What is the main objective of Hirakud project?

The multi-purpose Hirakud Dam constructed across the river Mahanadi. The aim of this project was to control flood, supply water for irrigation purpose and hydropower power generation. The construction of dam was started as in 1940’s.

Which is the largest hydroelectric power project in Odisha?

Indravati is the largest hydroelectricity generating project in odisha. It produces about 214.79 MW.

Where is the Hirakud project and what is its advantages?

Hirakud Dam Information, Advantages, Accident, Gates, canals. Hirakud dam is situated in Sambalpur district, Odisha. It is constructed over the famous river Mahanadi and serves several purposes such as irrigation, hydropower, flood control, etc.

Who was the chief engineer of Hirakud Dam?

Y. Parida, Superintending Engineer, Executive Engineer Hirakud Dam Circle, Main Dam Division, Burla Sambalpur, Odisha, India.

Where is Hirakud Dam on Indian political map?

Location Map of Hirakud Dam

Hirakud Dam Facts
Nearest City Sambalpur
Impounds Mahanadi River
District Name Sambalpur
Catchment Area 83,400 km2 (32,201 sq mi)

Which district is hirakud?

Sambalpur District
Hirakud Dam | Sambalpur District : Odisha | India.

What are the benefits of Hirakud Dam?

The Hirakud Dam regulates the flow of the Mahanadi River and produces electricity through several hydroelectric plants. The Dam is a significant source of power generation for the country. Along with power generation, the largest artificial lake in Asia also provides irrigation to the region.

In which state Hirakud Dam is built?


Which states are benefited by Hirakud Dam?

The state of Odisha is benefited by Hirakud Dam. The purpose of this dam is to control the floods in the Mahanadi region.