Can I port my Aircel number in 2020?

Can I port my Aircel number in 2020?

First you will need to send a text message with ‘PORT’, then space which is followed by your 10-digit mobile number to 1900. Next, you will receive a message asking to confirm if you want to port-out. Revert to the message with Yes.

How can I get my Aircel number?

To check your own Aircel number you can dial the Aircel Number Check Code *131#. You can also know your Aircel mobile number by using the Aircel App.

How can I port my Aircel to Jio without network?


  1. As a first step, you need to send an SMS from your existing Aircel mobile number that you want to port.
  2. Once you send this message, you will get a revert from 1901 to verify the port request.
  3. To be able to use Jio services, you need to have a VolTe 4G smartphone.

How can I change my Aircel SIM to another network?

Selecting another operator’s network for Aircel SIM- To do this go to your Phone’s Settings, then SIM/Network Settings, select your Aircel SIM. Now go to Mobile Networks. Manually select BSNL or Airtel network.

How can I change Aircel to Airtel?

  1. Call the Airtel customercare or visit the online website to select the best plan for you and confirm details.
  2. Airtel will send a representative to you at your convenient time.
  3. Provide Aadhaar details & UPC code to Airtel representative.
  4. After few hours your Aircel SIM will get deactivated.

Is Aircel SIM working?

Aircel was founded by Chinnakannan Sivasankaran and commenced operations in Tamil Nadu in 1999. It was once a market leader in Tamil Nadu and had considerable presence in Odisha, Assam and North-East telecom circles….Aircel.

Type Private
Founder Chinnakannan Sivasankaran
Defunct 28 February 2018
Fate Bankrupt

Is Airtel and Aircel same?

After the failed merger deal with Reliance, Aircel had considered merging with Bharti Airtel, whose chairman Sunil Mittal had stated in November 2017, that Airtel “was open to acquisition talks”. As of December 2017, Aircel was under a debt of around ₹16,000 crore (US$2.1 billion).