How far away is how far away is the Moon?

How far away is how far away is the Moon?

238,900 miMoon / Distance to Earth

How far away is the Moon at closest?

225,623 miles
When it’s closest, the Moon is 225,623 miles away. That’s between 28 and 29 Earths.

How far is moon from Earth today?

The distance of The Moon from Earth is currently 395,518 kilometers, equivalent to 0.002644 Astronomical Units. Light takes 1.3193 seconds to travel from The Moon and arrive to us. The following chart shows the distance of The Moon from Earth as a function of time.

How many feet away is the moon?

Share the answer: if the Earth was a basketball and the Moon was a tennis ball, they would be 23.5 feet apart. The Moon orbits approximately 238,500 miles from Earth. .)

How far away is space?

about 62 miles
The shortest distance between Earth and space is about 62 miles (100 kilometers) straight up, which by general accord is where the planet’s boundary ends and suborbital space begins.

How away is the Moon?

about 238,855 miles
The moon’s distance from Earth affects the strength of ocean tides and the appearance of solar eclipses in our skies. The average distance between the blue planet and its only natural satellite is about 238,855 miles (384,400 kilometers), according to NASA.

How many feet away is the Moon?

Can I travel to moon?

Lunar tourism may be possible in the future if trips to the Moon are made available to a private audience. Some space tourism startup companies are planning to offer tourism on or around the Moon, and estimate this to be possible sometime between 2023 and 2043.

How many feet is space?

In the US, “space” begins at 80.4km (50 miles), or 264,000 feet. General international consensus sets a similar limit for the start of space as 100km (62 miles), or 380,000 feet. “Low Earth Orbit” (LEO), where many satellites live, goes from 160km (100 miles, 525,000 feet) to 2,000km (1,240 miles, 6.5 million feet).