In what order should you play Fallout 4?

In what order should you play Fallout 4?

Specific order:complete main game then vault thec workshop, autmatron ,far harber, and lastly nuka world. I would do Automatron and the Vault Tec workshop as soon as you are able. Automatron gives you the ability to craft robot settlers and gives you a nifty settlement location.

What is the main storyline in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 takes place in the year 2287, ten years after the events of Fallout 3 and 210 years after the Great War, a war between the United States and China over natural resources that ended in a nuclear holocaust in 2077.

Does luck matter Fallout 4?

Luck Helps You Level Up Faster Your Intelligence and Agility are probably lower than you’d like them to be. This is where Luck comes in. You might be a tank, but you’ll die early on in your wasteland exploration as you’re slower and not so great with sneaking around.

What’s the best Fallout 4 ending?

Fallout 4: Why Siding With the Commonwealth Minutemen Is the BEST Ending. A faction players can literally build from the ground up, the Commonwealth Minutemen can lead to the best, most peaceful ending of Fallout 4.

What happens if I tell the brotherhood about the synth refuge?

If engaged in conversation about the synth refugees on the Island, Boxer will make her way there, even if the player character indicates that they want to be left alone. There are no further effects on the plot by doing so.

What is the Fallout 4 wiki guide and walkthrough?

IGN’s complete Fallout 4 Wiki Guide and Walkthrough will lead you through every Quest, Location, and Secret in Bethesda’s newest post-apocalyptic adventure on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. See the list of quests below to get started.

When does Fallout 4 begin?

Fallout 4 briefly begins on October 23, 2077 (the day of the Great War ), showing the player living with their spouse and child, Shaun. After a series of events, they emerge 210 years to the day and time after the Great War. The story of 4 guides the player into its world, discovering leaders of different factions with varying views of synths.

What are the quests in Fallout 4?

Quests in Fallout 4. Main quests. Act 1. War Never Changes · Out of Time · Jewel of the Commonwealth · Unlikely Valentine · Getting a Clue · Reunions. Act 2. Dangerous Minds · The Glowing Sea · Hunter/Hunted · The Molecular Level. Act 3. Institutionalized · From Within · Inside Job · Underground Undercover. Side quests.

Where can I find a complete walkthrough of every quest?

IGN’s Fallout 4 Wiki Guide features a complete Walkthrough of every Quest, Location, and Secret in the Commonwealth. You will also find helpful Tips and Tricks for getting started and How-To guides that cover Crafting, Perks, Factions, Managing Settlements, and so much more.