How tall are Lati dolls?

How tall are Lati dolls?

The Lati White line are the smallest dolls produced by LatiDoll. They are 10 centimeters tall, with the special bodies (abbreviated SP) being 12 centimeters.

What is a Lati doll?

Latidoll is a Seoul-based company that’s been producing resin BJDs since 2005. The company specializes in child designs and uses colors to designate the size of each line.

What size is Lati Yellow Doll?

The Lati Yellow line are the most popular dolls produced by LatiDoll. They are 16 centimeters tall, with the special bodies (abbreviated SP) being roughly 20 centimeters.

What size is Littlefee?

LittleFee dolls also have a unique jointing system that allows them to hold a variety of poses. They come in two colors, Beautiful White and Natural….Measurements.

Height 25cm 9.84″
Shoulder to wrist 7.8cm 3.07″
Elbow to wrist 3.5cm 1.38″
Length of back 6.5cm 2.56″
Chest circumference 13cm 5.12″

What size is Lati yellow?

How big are Pukifee dolls?

pukiFees are Fairyland’s 15 cm dolls. They were released on May 15th 2009. Very similar to LittleFees in body and joint system; pukiFees have a 3-part torso and the changeable faceplate system as well. Like the LittleFee, pukipuki, and Realpuki, they have magnetic hands and feet.

What size is LittleFee?

How big is a 25cm doll?

10 inch
25cm – 29cm Dolls (10 inch) | My Doll Best Friend.

How big is a Lati Yellow Doll?

How do you measure doll size?

Measure the height by starting the tape measure at the doll baby’s feet and extending it to the top of its head. Measure your doll’s chest width by starting the tape measure directly under one of the arms and extending it straight across the chest to under the other arm. Measure the doll’s waist.

How many inches are baby dolls?

BABY Born Interactive Doll- Green Eyes Pink/White, 7 x 13 x 15″

Brand Baby Born
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7 x 13 x 15 inches
Age Range (Description) 48 months to 120 months
Model Name Green Eyes
Color Pink/White

How many inches is the Baby Alive doll?

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up interactive doll transforms from newborn to baby to big girl. She changes size 4 inches (10 cm) with kids’ care! Kids will also love her 8 dreamy-themed doll accessories.