Is There a Doctor in the House BBC?

Is There a Doctor in the House BBC?

Chatterjee is the star of the BBC One series, Doctor In The House. In each each episode of this ground-breaking documentary series, a family invites Dr. Chatterjee into their home to investigate every aspect of their lives.

What programs are on bbc1 tonight?


Time TV Show
11:15 am Heavenly Gardens with Alexander Armstrong Episode 2 – Season 1 Episode 2
12:15 pm Bargain Hunt Edinburgh 6 – Season 51 Episode 19
1:00 pm BBC Weekend News
1:10 pm Weather for the Week Ahead

What date is Doctors back on bbc1?

17th January 2022
Take a look behind the scenes of our final episode of 2021. Doctors will be off air over the holidays but will return on Monday 17th January 2022 at 13:45 on BBC One. Watch this space for teasers and news about what’s coming up – but in the meantime, what were the highlights of the last year for you?

Are Doctors on bbc1 today?

Series 19 of Doctors is currently airing on BBC One at lunchtime. It used to be on everyday, but now you can catch it on Tuesday to Thursday, every week. The episodes, which usually attract between two and three million viewers, kick off at 1.45pm.

How can I watch Dr in the house?

You are able to stream Doctor in the House by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video.

Is there a doctor in the house show?

Doctor in the House is a British television comedy series based on a set of books and a film of the same name by Richard Gordon about the misadventures of a group of medical students.

Is There a Doctor in the House 1971?

A small-town doctor who dislikes women hires an assistant newly graduated from medical school sight unseen. Little does he know that he’s selected a beautiful female M.D. to share his office.

What has happened to Doctors on BBC 1?

The finale of Doctors aired on Friday, June 12 on BBC One. Sadly, filming for Doctors had been impacted by the current coronavirus pandemic. On March 18, the BBC announced they had suspended filming of EastEnders, Casualty, Doctors and Holby City.