What size Tyres are on a Hyundai i800?

What size Tyres are on a Hyundai i800?

Hyundai i800 2019 2.5 CRDi

Tire Rim
LT215/70R16 108T 6PR 6.5Jx16 ET50 2.9 / 3.3
LT215/70R16 108T 6PR 6.5Jx16 ET56 2.9 / 3.3
215/65R17 106T 6.5Jx17 ET56 2.9 / 3.3
225/60R17 106T 7Jx17 ET50 2.9 / 3.3

Is the Hyundai i800 discontinued?

From then, the i800 continued to sell in steady numbers with very little in the way of mechanical or cosmetic update until it was discontinued in 2019.

Is the Hyundai i800 classed as a car?

Hyundai i800 rivals Thanks to the strong diesel engine and a car-like driving position it’s good on the move while a comfortable ride and low noise levels make it a great long distance family car.

Is the Hyundai i800 front or rear wheel drive?

rear-wheel drive
The Hyundai i800 is rear-wheel drive. You also have two choices when it comes to the engine and the gearbox respectively in the Hyundai i800, though you cannot mix and match them.

What should the TYRE pressure be on a Hyundai i800?

Tyre Pressure results for : Hyundai I800

Front Tyre Size Front Tyre Pressure Rear Tyre Pressure
215/70/R16 T 108 42 PSI / 2.9 BAR 46 PSI / 3.2 BAR

Where is Hyundai i800 made?

“Simply enormous van-people-carrier thing from deepest Korea.

How much is tax on a Hyundai i800?

After the first year’s CO2-based road tax (generally included in the on-the-road price), all Hyundai i800s cost £140 a year to tax.

Are i800 seats removable?

Practicality & boot space However, while the middle bench doesn’t fold and can’t be easily removed, so the i800 isn’t as versatile as some of its rivals. Most MPVs now offer seats that can be folded individually with a tug on a lever, or removed altogether by one adult without too much fuss.

Can you get Hyundai i800 on mobility?

The Hyundai i800 is a huge vehicle, so it’s a great option for Motability customers who want something bigger than a standard MPV. The i800 has eight proper seats and plenty of luggage space, plus it’s excellent value for money, with competitive Motability Advance Payments across the range.

Can you remove the rear seats from a Hyundai i800?

What’s worse, because the seats aren’t removable, the boot space is fixed at 851 litres, which is about the same as for a Kia Picanto with the rear seats folded forward.

Do i800 seats fold flat?

The sheer size and boxy shape of the i800 means it is certainly practical, with 851 litres of luggage space even with eight people inside. But, the seating isn’t very flexible, because while the middle row can move back and forth, it doesn’t fold and is tricky to remove.