When did WoW remove class trainers?

When did WoW remove class trainers?

Removed. The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 7.0. 3.

Are there still class trainers in WoW?

They are able to teach new skills every 2 levels (even levels) until level 60, and every level for levels 60-80. For the most part, class trainers only exist in non-Northrend parts of Azeroth. ) at their locations.

Where are profession trainers in Shadowlands?

All the trainers for the various professions in Shadowlands are concentrated in the northwest hall of The Ring of Fates, called The Hall of Shapes. This is the first room on the left once players exit the portal. The room has a blue hammer above the door.

What is the point of trainers in WoW?

A trainer is a special type of NPC that offers certain training or services, for a price. Guards in capitals can point players to the nearest trainer of any given type.

Are there class trainers in Shadowlands?

Since abilities are now learned automatically and players no longer need to visit even for a respec, the NPCs have been rendered largely superfluous, but the latest alpha build for Shadowlands has moved class trainers for the Alliance and Horde into specific buildings in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, at least for the time …

How do I get to proving grounds Shadowlands?

Getting there Players may enter the proving grounds by speaking with either Trial Master Rotun inside the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit, or Warmaster Zog (Horde) / Lieutenant Thorn (Alliance) in your faction Garrison or with any class trainer.

Where is class trainer Swtor?

Yeah, just open your map, and select the “trainer” radio button on the left hand side. That will show you where your trainer is.

What is the point of proving grounds wow?

The Proving Grounds is a special type of single-player scenario that allows players to both learn and demonstrate the core skills associated with a given role or class.

What do you get for completing proving grounds?

Endless Mode has achievements for completing 10, 20, and 30, as well as titles for reaching 30 waves: Proving Yourself: Endless Damage (Wave 10) (Level 90), Proving Yourself: Endless Damage (Wave 20) (Level 90), Proving Yourself: Endless Damage (Wave 30) (Level 90), The Proven Assailant.

What happens if you unlearn a profession?

If you decide to unlearn a profession, the next profession you learn will start at level one. The same goes for the profession you unlearned. If you reached level 375 with Mining, for example, and you unlearn it, it will reset back to level one the next time learn it again.