How does multishot work with shotguns?

How does multishot work with shotguns?

Multishot is a stat describing the number of projectiles (bullets, pellets, bolts, missiles, etc.) fired simultaneously per unit of ammo. Not only will this increase the weapon’s damage, but each projectile has an independent chance to proc Status Effects and/or result in a Critical Hit.

How do you get 100 accuracy in Warframe?

Are you sure you didn’t kill anyone? AFAIK this can result when you have a multishot mod. Shooting the weapon counts as one shot, but each of the projectiles counts as a hit, hence a >100% accuracy.

What mods increase accuracy Warframe?

Accuracy Mods

  • Heavy Caliber.
  • Magnum Force.
  • Guided Ordnance.
  • Tainted Shell.

How important is accuracy in Warframe?

Consequently, accuracy determines the weapon’s shot deviation over multiple shots in a given period of time: a high accuracy weapon will see multiple successive shots land close to one another, while a low accuracy weapon will see the same shots spread out further apart in different directions.

What does multishot mean?

multishot (not comparable) Of or relating to more than one shot (in various senses).

How many weapon types are in Warframe?

In Warframe, there are five main categories of weapons: primary, sidearm, and melee.

Where do you get heavy caliber Warframe?

Heavy Caliber can be obtained from the Orokin Vault that requires a dragon key. The dragon keys can be obtained from the Clan and they require 1 minute to be crafted.

Where can I farm multishot?

Split chamber (Rifle) is available from tier 3 defense missions – that’s hydron on sedna, kala-azar on eris, outer terminus on pluto, proteus on neptune, stephano on uranus, stofler on lua, and tamu on kuva fortress.

What is Max multishot Warframe?

There is no limit on multishot, whatever your mods give you thats what you have.

What is a good weapon accuracy?

20-25% is the average for most players. If your good with a certain weapon it should be up in the 30s. If you’re pushing for auraxium really hard, it should be near the 35s.

Where do I get multishot Warframe?

Lethal Torrent (Pistol; both multishot & fire rate) is available from nightmare missions & alerts. Keep an eye out.