How much do spotted genets cost?

How much do spotted genets cost?

Price. The price range for small, rusty, and large spotted genets are in the $900–$1400 range, and one must also consider shipping costs if buying from a non-local breeder. Older animals may be less money but may have permanent ‘non-pet’ behavior. Try to obtain your genet from a reputable breeder.

How expensive is a genet?

The price for genets can exceed $1,500 for both the purchase and shipment of the animal. Try to obtain your genet from a reputable breeder (a challenge because they are so rare). Try to get a baby or young genet; older ones will be more difficult to handle and bond with.

How big do spotted genets get?

The Large-Spotted Genet has a shoulder height of 210 mm, but this species is short legged. The elongated body has a length of 460 mm and a mass of 1.6 kg. The thick, black and whitish-grey ringed tail is long at 400 mm. Claws are short, partially retractable and are an aid to climbing.

Do genets get along with cats?

“Genets can be socialized with cats and dogs, but they attack small animal pets. They are not cuddly pets, and don’t do well in groups of genets but usually get along with dogs and cats if they have grown up with them. Smaller pets, like hamsters, quickly become food to a genet.”

Can I own a kinkajou?

Legality. Kinkajous are legal in several states, but it’s still important to know your local ordinances, which can differ from state law. Many counties and cities require permits to keep a kinkajou. Rental properties or homeowners’ associations often have restrictions for exotic pets as well.

Are genets endangered?

Least Concern (Population stable)Common genet / Conservation status

What do spotted genets eat?

Genets are opportunistic feeders. Although classified as a carnivore, they are omnivorous and will eat what is most readily available. This can include small mammals — especially rodents, shrews, and bats — birds and their eggs, frogs, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, and various fruits.

Where do genets go during the day?

Ecology and behaviour. Cape genets have been recorded solitary, and mostly at night. During the day, they rest in trees high above the ground.

What do large spotted genets eat?

Murids are thought to be the most important food items in the diet of Cape genets. Cape genets also consume prey such as reptiles (e.g., snakes, skinks, and geckos) and arachnids, and less frequently consume amphibians and birds (including poultry).

What do genet cats eat?

Are kinkajous legal in the US?

Are kinkajous legal in Georgia?

Note: The Georgia Department of Agriculture has determined the Quaker or Monk Parakeet and the Java Rice Bird are prohibited from entry into the State of Georgia due to being capable of breeding in the wild and, if established in the wild, presenting a threat of being detrimental to the agriculture industry of this …