Are short-term rentals allowed in Barcelona?

Are short-term rentals allowed in Barcelona?

6, sets Barcelona apart as the only major city in Europe to have forbidden short-term private room rentals, even as it continues to allow the renting of entire apartments — so long as the owner of the property holds the appropriate license.

Can you negotiate rent in Barcelona?

The apartment rentals market in Barcelona is like any other market in the world; something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Negotiation of the rental prices is very common and is something we highly suggest. It never hurts to try and negotiate the price.

How long is short-term rental in Spain?

As a result, beach and other tourist areas tend to have loads of short-term (less than 12 months) and vacation (less than three months) rentals available. Non-tourist destinations in Spain will tend to have long-term rentals but relatively few short-term or vacation rentals.

What is a tourist license in Barcelona?

Tourist licences are necessary in Barcelona for anybody wishing to rent out an apartment classed as “Vivienda de Uso Turístico”. For Barcelona apartments, this includes anything with a rental duration of fewer than 31 days.

Can I rent my apartment in Barcelona?

Monthly rental apartments Your property would be occupied for much of the year and at the same time, you save it for you to enjoy it in the summer! You can alternatively juggle between monthly rental and tourist rental if you have the tourist license. At ShBarcelona, we take care of our owners, as well as our tenants.

Can I rent in Spain for 6 months?

Long term lets or long term rental contracts in Spain are often referred to as Vivienda contracts. These should be much cheaper than short term lets because they are typically for a period of 11 months. You won’t be able to move out within incurring a penalty.

Can you rent an apartment in Spain for a month?

With Flatio you can find apartment for rent for two weeks, a month, or even for one whole year. All utilities are included in the rent….Too short a term.

Number of apartments/rooms up for rent on 688
Most affordable offer currently up for rent 270 €

How do I find a place to rent in Barcelona?

What are the best websites to find a rental?

  1. Fotocasa.
  2. Idealista.
  3. Papaya Pods.
  4. Servihabitat.
  5. Comprarcasa.
  6. Idealista.
  7. Tucasa (Spanish only)
  8. Venta de pisos (Spanish only)

Is Barcelona flat?

the central part of the city is relatively flat (a modest grade as it heads away from the sea). I have no idea where a bike tour goes. If for example it includes Montjüic then it would be a pretty steep climb. Also note that Barcelona is extremely hot in August, and extremely crowded.

Is subletting legal in Spain?

If you wish to sublet a portion of your apartment, you may do so but you must obtain written permission from your landlord. Legally you can only sublet a portion of your apartment. Moreover, you legally cannot charge more for the sublet than you pay in rent for the entire property.