How do I pair my Plantronics cs500xd?

How do I pair my Plantronics cs500xd?

To set up your CS500 series system with your desk phone: Plug one end of the telephone interface cable to the back of the base and the remaining end into the open handset port on the desk phone. Charge the headset for at least 20 minutes before first use (full charge takes 3 hours).

Is Plantronics CS55 Bluetooth?

No, the Plantronics CS50 and CS55 headsets do not use Bluetooth technology. They use other digital wireless technology designed for office use with greater roaming distance.

How do I connect my Plantronics headset C054 to my laptop?

Press and hold the pairing button for 5-8 seconds on the back of your C054 charging base, then release your finger. You’ll see the white LED light start flashing on the front of the charging base.

How do I use Plantronics CS55?

If your desk phone doesn’t have a headset port, follow the Plantronics CS50-CS55 standard setup guide.

  1. Step 1- Connect AC power.
  2. Step 2- Pair your CS50 or CS55 headset to the charging base.
  3. Step 3- Plug in the included phone cord.
  4. Step 4- Plug into the headset port.
  5. Step 5- How to use your headset.

How do I pair my CS55?

Press and hold both the + and – buttons on the back of the charging base until the red light on the front of the base starts to flash. Let go of both buttons. The red light should continue to flash. Push in the mute button (see below) until a green light appears on the headset, then release the button.

Can Plantronics CS50 connect to computer?

Plantronics PerSono Suite software provides the link between your CS50-USB headset and compatible softphone applications on your computer.

How do I connect my Plantronics CS55 headset to my computer?

Press straight down and hold on the mute button on your CS50 or CS55 wireless headset until a solid green LED light appears, then release. Red light will go solid and green light will go out, your headset is now paired.

How long does a Plantronics CS55 last?

My first Plantronics CS55 lasted me 14 years of daily use. Hope this one does the same I use this head set in my office it works great. I love it.

What is The CS500 Series?

Plantronics legendary CS family is setting a new wireless standard for desk phone communication with the CS500 Series; The system features a convertible headset, streamlined design and improved performance all with the same renowned reliability. 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

How do I contact Plantronics for service and support?

We may use functionally equivalent reconditioned/refurbished/remanufactured/ pre-owned or new products or parts. • To obtain service in the U.S., contact Plantronics at (800) 544-4660 ext. 5538. • THIS IS PLANTRONICS’ COMPLETE WARRANTY FOR THE PRODUCTS.

What is poly cs540 – convertible wireless headset?

Login now Poly CS540 – Convertible Wireless Headset – Connects to a Desk Phone. Connect to desk phones, via included cable. Ideal Headset for office and desk-centric workers across the enterprise looking for a simple-to-set-up, simple-to-use wireless headset for managing desk phone calls.