How much are US tax tokens worth?

How much are US tax tokens worth?

Tax tokens come from States with sales tax and sharp pencils. They have been used over the years to account for the finicky problem of levying sales tax on small purchases. It the tax is 3 percent, and the purchase is 10 cents, how does a merchant collect .

Are Washington tax tokens worth anything?

An aluminum sales tax token from the state of Washington, valued at 2 mills ( 1⁄5 cent) and good for the “tax on purchase of 10 cents or less” under the state’s 2% retail sales tax law.

Are Missouri sales tax tokens worth anything?

These tokens could be used to pay all or part of any sales tax at the time of another purchase. There are also 5 mil Missouri tokens. They have a hole in the center and are worth the same as 1 mil tokens.

How much is a Missouri sales tax receipt token worth?

This zinc coin is an example of a Missouri one mill sales tax token or sales tax receipt worth one tenth of a cent. Both the obverse and the reverse show the state of Missouri in the center of the token with the number “1” inside and the words “Missouri” and “Sales Tax Receipt” around it.

What is a Kansas sales tax token worth?

Price: $1.00 to $3.00. Each token has a number associated with it. For example, the first listed state issued Kansas token is KS-S1.

What is a Washington tax token?

Tax tokens were created as a means for consumers to avoid being “overcharged” by having to pay a full penny tax on purchases of five or ten cents. Issued by private firms, municipalities and by twelve state governments, sales tax tokens were generally issued in multiples of 1 mill or one tenth of a cent.

What were tax tokens used for?

Sales tax tokens were fractional cent devices used to pay sales tax on very small purchases in many American states during the years of the Great Depression. Tax tokens were created as a means for consumers to avoid being “overcharged” by having to pay a full penny tax on purchases of 5 or 10 cents.

What is a mill token?

First issued in 1935, tax tokens like these were made from various materials like cardboard, metal, fiber and plastic. Each “Mill” was equal to 1/10 cent, and could be used to pay the fractional taxes that were charged on smaller purchases. This 5 Mill fiber tax token was released for the state of Oklahoma.

What is a luxury tax token?

Luxury tax tokens are collectible coins that represent a the historic period when sales taxes were first instituted in the United States. Only 12 states issued tax tokens and they were primarily sales tax tokens.

What is an Opa red point?

They were used to make exact change when somebody bought food with rationing stamps. There are two colors of OPA tokens; blue and red. The red OPA tokens were for things like meats and fats, while the blue tokens were for processed foods.

What is OPA Blue Point token?

What is a Washington state tax token?