Is Grand i10 Nios 5 seater?

Is Grand i10 Nios 5 seater?

The Grand i10 Nios is a 5 seater.

What is the life of Hyundai engine?

All Hyundai engines are designed for maximum life of 300 to 400k kms provided the service schedule of the engine manufacturer is followed. Also the engine life depends on how well the engine is used without abuse, like allowing it over heat without coolant, lube oil, excessive use of AC.

Is Grand i10 good for highway?

The grand I10 is sleek and not unncessarily bulky like swift, this helps very much in bangalore especially in small road where cars are tightly parked in either side of the roads or in city main roads on bumper to bumper traffic. Its fantastic car for regular city drive and very good for high way drive as well.