The NPC is the only amateur organization recognized by the IFBB Pro League. The IFBB Professional League is the professional league for bodybuilding athletes and the sanctioning body for the world’s largest professional contests such as the Mr. Olympia, Arnold Sports Festival, and Legion Sports Fest.

What is the NPC news show?

NPC NEWS ONLINE is the command center for everything NPC. We are the official website for the National Physique Committee. The NPC is comprised of tens of thousands of competitors and hundreds of live events, we are the premier amateur physique organization in the world.

How do you become nationally qualified in NPC?


  1. Open to US Citizens and Green Card holders.
  2. Active members of the National Physique Committee (NPC).
  3. Must be in good standing with the NPC and not under suspension.
  4. You must have COMPETED IN AND PLACED TOP 5 in an NPC National Level / IFBB Professional League Qualifying Contest such as;

What is the difference between NPC and WBFF?

To summarize, here are the major differences between the competitions: The WBFF is the world’s leading beauty and fitness competition. It’s not only for showing athleticism but personality as well. The NPC is the leading bodybuilding amateur organization in the world.

Who runs NPC?

NPC was the largest franchisee of both Pizza Hut and Wendy’s, and owned more than 1,200 Pizza Hut locations and 385 Wendy’s locations until March 2021. O….NPC International.

Type Private
Founder O. Gene Bicknell
Defunct 2020
Products Franchisee of Pizza Hut & Wendy’s
Owner Eldridge Industries LLC