What is AirWatch browser?

What is AirWatch browser?

The AirWatch Browser is a safe, browsing alternative to native device browsers that can be custom tailored for business needs. Which devices can the AirWatch Browser run on? The AirWatch Browser is available for all Apple devices running iOS 4 and above, and Android devices running 2.2 or higher.

Is AirWatch a software?

VMware AirWatch is an enterprise mobility software provider based in Atlanta. AirWatch, a division of virtualization vendor VMware, provides technologies that help IT administrators deploy, secure and manage mobile devices, applications and data, as well as Windows 10 and Apple Mac computers.

Can VMware AirWatch see browsing history?

Next, we conducted design reviews with AirWatch employees. We also found that most users are only interested in the “Big Four”: browsing history, text messages, pictures and personal email. It was very important to inform users that AirWatch could not monitor any of these.

Can AirWatch spy on you?

Absolutely not! The AirWatch service is not spy-ware. It is a tool to help both you and the university protect important or confidential data. It does not give us the capability access and view data on your mobile device.

Can AirWatch read text messages?

AirWatch actually doesn’t have the capability to collect information from personal text messages, iMessage, etc.

What happened to AirWatch?

On February 24, 2014, the company was acquired by VMware, Inc, and the EMM product eventually was rebranded as AirWatch by VMware and then VMware AirWatch. In May 2018 the enterprise product was rebranded to VMware Workspace ONE UEM with the release of version 9.4.

Is AirWatch now workspace one?

Is AirWatch now Workspace ONE? Yes. The unified endpoint management (UEM) technology, Workspace ONE UEM, that Workspace ONE is built on, was formerly known as AirWatch.

What can employers see with AirWatch?

AirWatch does have the ability to track GPS information and some companies/corporations may require you to let them track your GPS 24/7/365. While it’s not configured this way by default, it could be and you might have to agree to it if you want access to corporate email/data from your personal device.

Can AirWatch see my apps?

AirWatch gives you visibility into installed apps, usage time and more by capturing application analytics, but without collecting private data from personal apps. You can also view application ratings and comments.

What is the difference between AirWatch and Intune?

Microsoft Intune includes features like Access Management, Information Protection, Advanced Threat Protection and Cloud Access Management. VMware AirWatch is known for functionalities like Mobile Device Management, Security, Enterprise Mobility Management and Access Management.