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What is the definition of an oppressive government?

What is the definition of an oppressive government?

Typically, a government or political organization in power places restrictions formally or covertly on oppressed groups so they may be exploited and less able to compete with other social groups.

What do you mean by oppressive?

1 : cruel or harsh without just cause oppressive laws. 2 : very unpleasant or uncomfortable oppressive heat. Other Words from oppressive. oppressively adverb.

What is an example of an oppression?

A few examples of social oppression include racism (treating people different based on their skin color or ethnicity), sexism (treating people different based on their gender), religious persecution (treating people different because of their religion.)

What does systems of oppression mean?

Oppressive systems can be thought of as the structures within the greater society that allow inequities to continue. These systems allow the perpetuation of policies and practices that disadvantage marginalized groups.

What is oppressive country?

adjective. If you describe a society, its laws, or customs as oppressive, you think they treat people cruelly and unfairly.

What is oppressive law?

the unlawful, excessive or corrupt exercise of power other than by extortion by any public officer so as to harm anyone in his rights, person, or property while purporting to act under color of governmental authorityā€¯.

What kind of word is oppressive?

burdensome, unjustly harsh, or tyrannical: an oppressive king; oppressive laws. causing discomfort by being excessive, intense, elaborate, etc.: oppressive heat.

What is oppressive Behaviour?

Oppressive behavior can take many forms, ranging from hurtful remarks made in ignorance to insults, threats, and physical violence. The appropriate adult response depends on the behavior and its intent.

What are 2 synonyms for oppressive?


  • brutal.
  • burdensome.
  • cruel.
  • depressing.
  • dictatorial.
  • harsh.
  • heavy-handed.
  • inhuman.

What does oppressive environment mean?

If you describe the weather or the atmosphere in a room as oppressive, you mean that it is unpleasantly hot and damp.

What do you mean by oppression and mismanagement?

‘ Oppression can also be defined as it is an act which involves a violation or contravention of fair condition especially which is regarding the right of shreholders. The word ‘Mismanagement’ is also not defined under the Companies Act, 2013.