How much are ride tickets at the Wisconsin State Fair?

How much are ride tickets at the Wisconsin State Fair?

Prices at State Fair

State Fair (August 4 – 14) Price
Single Ticket $1
40-Ticket Ride & Game Pack $35
60-Ticket Ride & Game Pack $50

How much does it cost to get into Wisconsin State Fair for 2021?

Adults (12 & over) – $17. Seniors (60 & over) – $12. Military/Veterans with ID – $12. Youth (ages 6-11) – $12.

Can I use my 2020 WI State Fair tickets in 2021?

Can I use my tickets in 2021? o Yes! Hold on to your 2020 tickets and vouchers! All admission tickets, vouchers and bundles for the 2020 Wisconsin State Fair will be valid for the 2021 Wisconsin State Fair, August 5-15.

How can I get into the Wisconsin State Fair for free?

Simply present your Military ID (DD214, VA ID, Military Common Access Card, or dependent ID) at any admission entrance and receive FREE admission for you and up to three (3) family members, courtesy of Miller High Life.

What town is the Wisconsin State Fair in?

West Allis, WI

Wisconsin State Fair
Dates 11 Days
Location(s) West Allis, WI
Years active 170
Founded 1851

Can you bring water into the Wisconsin State Fair?

Unopened bottled water is allowed. In addition to items mentioned above, the following items may not be brought into the Main Stage area: signs, selfie sticks and umbrellas. No professional grade cameras, video or audio recording equipment allowed in Main Stage area.

Are carry ins allowed at the Wisconsin State Fair?

The Wisconsin State Fair does allow the carry-in of outside food. If you have specific dietary needs, please make sure to bring food that is safe for you to eat.

Can you bring backpacks into Wisconsin State Fair?

Admission Policies Wisconsin State Fair searches all bags, coolers, wagons and strollers upon entry to the Fair Park and the Admission Policy will also be in effect: FAIRGOERS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE ENTERING AFTER 6 P.M. MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT 21 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. PROOF OF AGE IS REQUIRED.

What is the best food at State Fair?

Best State Fair Foods, Ranked

  1. Funnel Cake. Whoever invented the funnel cake was a true hero.
  2. Corn Dog. It doesn’t get more quintessential state fair than a juicy corn dog dunked in mustard.
  3. Deep-Fried Oreos.
  4. Donut Burger.
  5. Kettle Corn.
  6. Meat on a Stick.
  7. Fried Pickles.
  8. Elephant Ears.

How much is a Fletcher’s corny dog at the State Fair of Texas?

$6 to $8
The company is also selling a new corny dog in 2021 called Make Mine Texan, a brisket-beef corny dog. All corny dogs cost $6 to $8 at the State Fair of Texas.