What is the most popular tea in Korea?

What is the most popular tea in Korea?

The most common tea from Korea is green tea but black tea, yellow tea and fermented tea (pu’er or 보이차) are also popular varieties. While all of these tea varieties look and taste different, they all come from the same tea plant: camellia sinsensis.

What kind of teas do Koreans drink?

10 Popular Types of Korean Tea to Try

  • Citron Tea 유자차 (Yuja-Cha)
  • Barley Tea 보리차 (Bori-Cha)
  • Chrysanthemum Tea 국화차 (Gukhwa-Cha)
  • Jujube Tea 대추차 (Daechu-Cha)
  • Corn Tea 옥수수차 (Oksusu-Cha)
  • Corn Silk Tea 옥수수수염차 (Oksusu-Suyeom-Cha)
  • Tartary Buckwheat Tea 메밀차 (Memil-Cha)
  • Plum Tea 매실차 (Maesil-Cha)

Is Korean green tea good for you?

Health Benefits: Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which improve brain function, help with fat loss, protect against cancer, and lower the risk of heart disease. There are even more health benefits but you probably already know because this is an ultra popular tea… especially here in Korea.

Is Korean green tea good for weight loss?

Certain Korean traditions also state that it helps reduce fat by breaking it down. This is one of the best green teas for weight loss not just because of the presence of dandelion root, but also turmeric that helps in digestion and has anti-inflammation properties!

What do Koreans drink in winter?

Cold Water and ice are still the choices of Koreans even though they are surrounded by very cold and navigating weather. Korean workers prefer to drink ice Americano despite the degrees of weather Celsius pointing negative. Besides coffee, a cold cafe latte is also a preferred beverage of the Koreans.

Is South Korea tea popular?

The annual per capita tea consumption in Korea is merely 168 grams, far less than that of Turkey, Ireland and Britain, the world’s top three tea-consuming countries. Despite Korea’s relatively low tea consumption, tea drinking has long been part of Koreans’ daily lives.

Why do Koreans drink tea instead of water?

In Korea we drink instead of water. Barley Tea in itself is not that unique to South Korea, However in Korea this tea is used very differently. It is commonly drunk by a number of koreans effectively instead of water, its believed that this tea is very good at keeping the body clean and improve the digestive system.

What do Koreans put in their tea?

Flower teas

Tea Korean name Ingredient
Gujeolcho-cha (dendranthema tea) 구절초차(九節草茶) white-lobe Korean dendranthema flowers
Gukhwa-cha (chrysanthemum tea) 국화차(菊花茶) Indian chrysanthemum flowers
Gyehwa-cha (cinnamon flower tea) 계화차(桂花茶) Chinese cinnamon flowers
Gyulhwa-cha (citrus flower tea) 귤화차(橘花茶) citrus flowers