Will there ever be a FF9 remake?

Will there ever be a FF9 remake?

Final Fantasy 9 Remake Release Date The Nvidia GeForce leak from November 2021 listed FF9 Remake as one of the unannounced games that were set to be released in 2022 alongside the likes of Chrono Cross Remaster, Kingdom Hearts IV and Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster.

Is Final Fantasy IX for switch a remaster?

Much like how its environments are a tour through fantastical worlds, Final Fantasy IX’s soundtrack is an experience that’s sure to surprise you a few times over its run. This technically being a ‘remaster’ of the original release, several enhancements have been included to help modernise the game in some small ways.

Does Final Fantasy IX still hold up?

This game feels like a home run after almost two decades. The look may be a bit dated, but the gameplay still holds up, and the story still resonates. Final Fantasy IX is certainly worth the time of a first-timer or a nostalgic fan like myself.

Is Final Fantasy IX the best?

Final Fantasy 9 is an incredible game, and one regularly voted as one of the best titles in the series. It feels as though it deserves to be invoked with the same hushed tones as reverence and Final Fantasy 6 and 7; it is among the most holy. To the true scholar, it is also plainly the best one.

Is ff8 getting a remake?

Final Fantasy VIII: Yoshinori Kitase on taking the series in a bold new direction. As Final Fantasy VIII Remastered comes to PlayStation Now, the Director of the original game explains.

Will there be ff8 remake?

Why is FFIX so good?

1. Every character is memorable and unique. FINAL FANTASY IX features one of the quirkiest casts in the entire FINAL FANTASY series – maybe even in all of gaming. Every character in the game is utterly distinct – both visually and in terms of their personality.

Is there a Final Fantasy 6 remake?

The Final Fantasy 6 remaster has an official release date. You’ll be able to download the enhanced JRPG classic on February 23, 2022, available for both mobile platforms and PC via Steam.

Why does Tidus look like shuyin?

The exact reason why Shuyin looks so close to Tidus is not disclosed in the game, though Maechen hints it is not coincidental. Shuyin may have been a blitzball player in antebellum Zanarkand, as he uses a blitzball during his special attack, Terror of Zanarkand. His costume also resembles Tidus’s blitzball uniform.