How do you perform cervical spinal traction at home?

How do you perform cervical spinal traction at home?

Slowly turn the head side-to-side, then forward and backward, and then lean the neck from side-to-side. Do each exercise 10 times. Then, attach the portable device to your head and increase the pressure so it tightens around your forehead. Once it’s pumped, wait 10 seconds before releasing the air.

How much does a cervical traction unit cost?

$359.00 & FREE Shipping.

What is a home cervical traction unit?

The Saunders Cervical Traction Device is hospital grade physical therapy equipment designed for use in your home. The Saunders Cervical Traction Device is designed to provide traction (stretching) to the cervical region (neck). The device requires no assembly and is ready to use out of the case.

How often should you do cervical traction?

Duration of cervical traction can range from a few minutes to 20 to 30 min, once or twice weekly to several times per day. Anecdotal evidence suggests efficacy and safety, but there is no documentation of efficacy of cervical traction beyond short-term pain reduction.

Can you do the Y strap at home?

“One thing to consider is that the doctor should do a careful evaluation,” he explains. The Y strap is not likely to be used “if there’s certain things in the neck that may contraindicate that procedure.” Although it is possible to purchase a Y strap device for use at home, Dr.

Can you sleep with neck traction?

VELPEAU Neck Brace -Foam Cervical Collar – Soft Neck Support Relieves Pain & Pressure in Spine – Wraps Aligns Stabilizes Vertebrae – Can Be Used During Sleep (Comfort, Blue, Medium, 3″) Wear it to bed, work, or wherever you need support. Wear it to bed, work, or wherever you need support.

How many pounds of pressure do you need for cervical traction?

Stoddard suggested that between 24 and 30 pounds (11-14 kg) of traction was necessary for relief of radicular symptoms. The initial load at the first visit should begin with 10% of the patient’s body weight. Increasing to thirty pounds may be a good traction force with disc patients to truly assess their tolerance.

Can neck traction help bulging disc?

Cervical traction has been used widely to help relieve neck pain from muscle spasm or nerve compression in rehabilitation setting. Continuous or intermittent traction has been regarded as an effective treatment for herniated cervical discs because it facilitates widening of the disc spaces.

Can you do too much traction?

Most treatment protocols recommend a maximum use time of 20-minutes. Prolonged use beyond this recommendation may result in increased pain, stiffness, and possible injury. Many clients find the sensation of cervical traction relaxing and as a result many clients may fall asleep while using the device.

What does the Y strap crack?

The Y strap, also known as the y-axis traction strap, is a chiropractic decompression tool. Like hands-on spinal decompression, the Y strap works to decompress the vertebrae by gently stretching the spine.

How should I sleep with my neck supported?

Use a small pillow underneath the head and neck (not shoulders) to keep everything in alignment. Even better, a small cylindrical pillow in the crook of your neck supports your neck and keeps your head neutral on the mattress. Do note, though, that this sleeping position can cause some people to snore.