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What is the Intex Mariner 4 made of?

What is the Intex Mariner 4 made of?

The Intex Mariner™ 4 inflatable boat is constructed for supreme strength and durability with SUPER TOUGH PVC. This material is comprised of three separate layers – two outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement.

How long is the Intex Mariner 4?

The Intex Mariner 4 is nearly 5′ x 11′ and holds 880 pounds. The Intex Mariner 4 comes with a hand air pump that let me completely set up the boat in less than 20 minutes.

How long is the Mariner 4?

3 years, 23 days
Mariner 4

SATCAT no. 942
Mission duration 3 years, 23 days
Distance travelled 112,000,000 kilometres (70,000,000 mi)
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft type US-K KOBALT_A12

Should I keep my inflatable boat inflated?

Whole idea of inflatables is that you can, well, inflate or deflate them as appropriate. Leaving inflated leaves them open to the elements – UV and bird droppings etc unless you have a cover. Also more likely to get stolen. Deflating means work and takes up storage space.

What pressure should my rib tubes be?

Most RIBs run around 1.3 – 1.7psi. 2 psi is rock hard. As the OP doesn’t require structural support from his RIB tubes, I’d suggest exercising caution and inflating to well under 2psi first.

How long does it take to inflate a zodiac?

Inflating is the easy part less than 5 min.

How much does an Intex Excursion 4 weigh?


Brand Intex
Product Dimensions L 315 x W 165 x H 43 cm
Capacity 500 kgs

How heavy is the Intex Excursion 4?

61.73 Pounds

Colour Blu – blu/grigio
Brand Intex
Material Polyvinyl Chloride
Life vest type Type III
Item weight 61.73 Pounds