How many questions are on the math FTCE?

How many questions are on the math FTCE?

The Mathematics Subtest consists of approximately 40 multiple-choice questions and is 100 minutes long….Table of Question Formats.

Type of Question Sample Question
Word Problem Apply mathematical principles to solve a real-world problem. Question 7

What is on the FTCE math?

What kind of math is on the FTCE GKT test? The questions on the FTCE General Knowledge Math exam cover Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. The Geometry questions are very basic, but some of the Algebra is a little more advanced. For example, Inequalities and Linear Equations feature prominently on the test.

Can you use a calculator on the FTCE general knowledge test?

You will schedule your test during registration, based on available dates. A mathematics reference sheet is provided with your test. An on-screen four-function calculator is provided. Examinees may not bring their own calculator.

How many times can you take the FTCE?

Fortunately, you can attempt the FTCE exam as many times as you need to pass it. All failed exams must be retaken in their entirety except for the General Knowledge Test, Elementary Education K–6, German K–12, Prekindergarten/Primary PK–3, English 6-12, and Middle Grades English 5-9.

Is the FTCE test hard?

The answer is yes. The FTCE does cover a lot of information and is challenging. You will need to review the information from your teacher prep courses and study materials to prepare. Information on each exam can be found on the FTCE website.

How hard is the FTCE Math 5-9?

For the Math 5-9 test, you’ll need to get at least 71 percent of questions correct in order to earn a scaled score of 200 or above. Assuming there are exactly 75 questions, this means you need 53 correct answers to pass.

What score do you need to pass the FTCE math?

The FTCE (Florida Teacher Certification Examinations) Mathematics 6-12 is a computer-based test consisting of 75 multiple-choice questions. In order to pass this exam, candidates must earn a scaled score of at least 200.

Do FTCE scores expire?

You can access your score report in your account. Score reports released beginning January 2018 will be available in examinee accounts for 5 years from the score report release date. Previously, examinee score reports were available only for 60 days.

How long does it take to get FTCE results?

within 4 weeks
All FTCE and FELE scores will be released within 4 weeks of the test date.