Is AOL com still a valid email address?

Is AOL com still a valid email address?

As of July 2012, there were 24 million AOL Mail users. By 2021, the number of paying users had dropped to 1.5 million. On March 16, 2017, Verizon, which had acquired AOL in 2015, announced that it would discontinue its in-house email services for internet subscribers, and migrate all customers to AOL Mail.

How do I delete thousands of emails on AOL?

How do I delete thousands of emails on AOL? To delete thousands of emails on AOL, you must mark the boxes next to each email you wish to delete, click the delete button, then navigate to the “recently deleted mail” folder and press the permanently delete button.

How do I delete thousands of emails on my Mac?

Open mail by clicking on the icon on your dock. Select each email you want to remove while holding down the command key and then click Delete. To remove consecutive emails without selecting them individually, simply click on the one at the top while holding shift, scroll to the last one, and select.

How far back does AOL keep emails?

Messages remain in the Old Mail folder in your AOL mailbox for about 3 days. Sent Mail. Messages you send reside in theSentMail folderin yourAOLemail inbox up to 27 days. Messages saved directly to your PC or on AOL are available until you delete them from those folders.

Why does Mac Mail take up so much space?

Mail storage is consumed by various attachments that come with your emails. These attachments range from sent documents and other files to signatures from subscribed company newsletters. Once you open an attachment on your Mac, it automatically gets downloaded on your computer.

How do I free up email space on my Mac?

Free up storage space for email accounts in Mail on Mac

  1. Delete large messages or messages with attachments, or move the messages to a mailbox on your Mac.
  2. Delete attachments that you saved.
  3. Empty your Trash mailbox.