What is a municipal utility district in Texas?

What is a municipal utility district in Texas?

A Municipal Utility District (MUD) is one of several types of special districts that function as independent, limited governments. The purpose of a MUD is to provide a developer an alternate way to finance infrastructure, such as water, sewer, drainage, and road facilities.

How do I pay my Harris County water Bill?

Bill Payment Options Pay online at . This option allows you to pay with electronic check (E-Check) or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). You must enter your entire 10-digit account number.

What is a municipal utility district Houston?

Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) engage in the supply of water, conservation, irrigation, drainage, fire fighting, solid waste (garbage) collection and disposal (including recycling activities), wastewater (sewage) treatment, and recreational facilities.

What mud district is humble TX?

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 278 (the “District”) is a municipal utility district created in 1985 by order of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

What are MUD taxes in Texas?

What is the MUD’s tax rate? The MUD levies a property tax on all taxable property in the MUD, which may change from year to year. Taxes are currently $0.71 per $100 of taxable value. The tax consists of $0.46 for debt service, and $0.25 for maintenance.

What is the basic purpose of MUDs?

The basic purpose of MUDs is to provide services to areas where city and county services like water and power are not available. Who is responsible for governing a MUD? MUDs are governed by an elected board of directors and subject to oversight by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

How do I turn on my water in Houston?

Water Service If it’s the City of Houston, visit or call 713-371-1400 to set up your service.

Does Houston have a MUD?

It has limited governmental functions, related to the provision of water, wastewater, drainage and recreational services. The MUD is within the city limits of Houston, and includes the entirety of the Shadowlake development, plus some small bits outside the development.

What mud district is Kingwood?

New Caney Municipal Utility District, Mud in Kingwood Texas.

What mud is Atascocita?

Permanent wastewater treatment for Atascocita (Harris County MUD Nos. 46, 132, 151, 152, 153 and the District) is provided by a regional sewage treatment plant (the “Regional Plant”), the cost of which is being shared on a pro rata basis by the participating districts.