What is the principle of half wave rectifier?

What is the principle of half wave rectifier?

Half wave rectifier uses the same principle as PN junction diode and thus converts AC to DC. In a half-wave rectifier circuit, the load resistance is connected in series with the PN junction diode. Alternating current is the input of the half-wave rectifier.

What is half wave rectifier frequency?

The output frequency for half wave rectifier is, f hw = 50 Hz. In the case of full wave rectifier, the output frequency will be twice the input frequency. So, the output frequency for full wave rectifier is, f fw = 2 × 50 = 100 Hz.

What are the parameters of half wave rectifier?

Difference between Half Wave Rectifier and Full Wave Rectifier

Parameter Half Wave Rectifier Full Wave Rectifier
Form factor 1.57 1.11
Rectifier efficiency 40.6% 81.2%
Ripple factor Ripple factor of a half-wave rectifier is more Ripple factor of a full-wave rectifier is less

Why half wave rectifier is called poor device?

Since the ripple factor = 1.21 is greater than C value, the half wave rectifier is a poor device for the conversion of AC voltage into DC voltage. Efficiency of rectification is very low (= 0.406) It has a low transformer utilization factor.

Why capacitor is used in half wave rectifier?

In half wave rectifiers, a capacitor or inductor is used as a filter to convert the pulsating DC to pure DC. The output voltage produced by a half wave rectifier is not constant; it varies with respect to time.

Why diode is used in rectifier?

An ideal p-n junction diode has zero resistance in forward direction and infinite resistance in reverse bias. This can be used to eliminate the negative cycles in an AC voltage waveform and allow only the positive cycles. This process is called rectification and is useful in many applications like AC to DC conversion.

What is the ripple factor of a half wave rectifier?

Half Wave Rectifier Formula The ripple factor of a halfwave rectifier is 1.21.

Which transformer is used in half wave rectifier?

step-down transformer
Half-wave rectifier Operation The transformer used in the half-wave rectifier is the step-down transformer. It is used to convert AC (Alternating current) to DC (Direct Current). It has two windings, namely primary winding and secondary winding.

Which diode is used in rectifier?

For power rectification applications, power diodes or Schottky diodes are normally used. For signal rectification small point contact diodes, signal diodes, or Schottky diodes may be used. The Schottky diode has the advantage that it only requires a forward voltage of around 0.2 – 0.3volts for forward conduction.

What is ripple factor of half wave rectifier?

Why is transformer used in rectifier circuit?

The transformer in a rectifier power supply circuit serves several purposes. 1- used to change the voltage level from the 115VAC to another level, either higher of lower, to accomadate the needs of the rest of the circuit. 2- provides isolation between the power mains and the circuit power for safety reasons.