Who is the strongest person in Mighty Med?

Who is the strongest person in Mighty Med?

The Crusher
The Crusher (Jeffrey James Lippold) is the strongest man in the universe, capable of hurling someone across a room just by giving them a high-five. He was the first superhero to have his life saved by Kaz and Oliver, in which they shocked his feet to give him cardiac aid.

Who is the main villain in Mighty Med?

The Annihilator
Neil Gunzenhauser, or better known as The Annihilator, is the overall main antagonist of the Disney XD series Mighty Med.

Who plays Optimo in Mighty Med?

Nelson Gonzales
Optimo (real name Nelson Gonzales) is a renowned and great superhero featured in Mighty Med. He is Horace Diaz’s brother-in-law, Alan Diaz’s father, Hapax the Elder’s son and one of RazorClaw’s arch-enemy.

What is Skylar’s powers?

Electrokinesis: Oliver states that Skylar has electricity powers in The Intruder, although she used first this power to open electric doors and walls (as she did in Follow the Leader) and later on to make things disintegrate (as she did in The Intruder).

How did Kaz and Oliver get powers?

In a failed attempt to stop Oliver’s mother, Kaz (along with Oliver) gained superpowers after absorbing the Arcturion’s energy. He and Oliver used their new powers to defeat Bridget/Mr. Terror.

Is Oliver’s mom evil Mighty Med?

Bridget (incarcerated 2016?) is Oliver’s mother and Horace Diaz’s ex-fiancĂ©. In the end of the episode, Thanks for the Memory Drives, it is revealed that she is really the criminal mastermind super villain, Mr. Terror.

Where is Skylar storm from?

the volcanic planet Caldera
Skylar Storm is the deuteragonist of Mighty Med. She is a comic book character that Kaz and Oliver like. Skylar Storm is not just an imaginary character, but a real person. Skylar is from the volcanic planet Caldera.

Who is Oliver mom in Mighty Med?

Oliver is the one of the two main protagonists of Mighty Med. Unbeknownst to him, his mom, Bridget, is none other than Mr. Terror, an evil supervillain who wants to become more powerful to rule the world.