Does Mole Valley require planning permission?

Does Mole Valley require planning permission?

Before applying, you will need to have either planning permission or a letter from Mole Valley District Council confirming that planning permission is not required.

Who controls Mole Valley?

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) has 41 councillors, representing 21 wards in the district. The political balance at MVDC is 22 Liberal Democrat, 12 Conservative and seven Informal Independent Members, which means that the Liberal Democrat party has overall control.

What council is Ashtead?

Mole Valley District Council
Mole Valley District Council is based in Dorking, and the district also covers the town of Leatherhead and villages Ashtead, Fetcham and Great Bookham. The council serves the community with a wide range of services for residents of the area, including housing support, council tax and building and planning.

Why is Mole Valley called Mole Valley?

Mole Valley Farmers takes its name from an area in North Devon, between the towns of North Molton and South Molton. The River Mole runs through this area. There is no connection with the Mole Valley, a district in Surrey in South East England or the River Mole that runs between Dorking and Leatherhead.

Do you need planning permission to extend a dormer?

Dormer windows, like dormer conversions, are usually classed as permitted development the same as roof windows and skylights. So, you won’t need planning permission for dormer windows unless they exceed certain measurements or if you live in a listed building or conservation area.

What areas does Mole Valley cover?

Mole Valley – The District. Mole Valley lies at the heart of Surrey, mid-way between London and the Sussex coast. It has a population of approximately 85,000 people. The majority of the district’s population live in the main towns and villages of the district, in particular, Dorking and Leatherhead.

What towns are Mole Valley?

Dorking and Leatherhead are the main towns in the Mole Valley and are the twin towns of the Surrey Hills!

What area does Mole Valley council cover?

What does Dorking come under?

Mole Valley is a local government district in Surrey, England. Its council is based in Dorking. The other town in the district is Leatherhead….Mole Valley.

Mole Valley District
Non-metropolitan county Surrey
Status Non-metropolitan district
Admin HQ Dorking
Incorporated 1 April 1974

Who is the CEO of Mole Valley Farmers?

Jack Cordery (May 1, 2020–)Mole Valley Farmers / CEO

Can I convert my attic without planning permission?

There’s a good chance you can extend up into your attic without having to seek planning permission from your local council. This is because most loft conversions come under rules known as ‘permitted development’ (not requiring planning permission.)