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What is a key figure in SAP BW?

What is a key figure in SAP BW?

Key Figures are the central ‘facts’ stored in the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) system, and are the answer a business user is typically seeking. They are loaded into the Fact Table of an InfoCube during data loading and represent the results of the underlying transaction in the linked source system.

How do I create a calculated key in Hana studio?

To create a Global Calculated Key Figure, go to the left-hand side of Query Designer screen. Step 1: Select Key Figures, then right click and select New Calculated Key Figure. After clicking this option, the system will create a new formula and you should click Edit button on right-hand side.

What is CKF and RKF in SAP BW?

CKF – To perform any calculations (any mathematical calculations between KF’s) between KF’s. For example,Open Qty (RKF) = ordered qty(KF) – delivered Qty(KF). ( calculations involving KF’s).

Which of the following can be defined as key figures?

Key figure is an info object which is defined as a measurable object. It has the data that is of numerical type like quantity, revenue, weight, etc. We’ve already discussed restricted key figures and calculated key figures in our previous tutorials.

How do you create a key figure?

You can create a key figure….Procedure.

Key figure type Data Type
QUA Quantity QUAN: Quantity field, created as DEC
FLTP: Floating point number with 8 byte precision
NUM Number DEC: Calculation field or amount field with comma and sign
FLTP: Floating point number with 8 byte precision

What is Infoset SAP BW?

Infoset in SAP BI Infosets are defined as a special type of InfoProviders where the data sources contain a join rule on the DataStore objects, standard InfoCubes or InfoObject with master data characteristics. Infosets are used to join data and that data is used in the BI system.

What is BEx query in SAP BW?

SAP BW users can create Business Explorer (BEx) queries in the BEx Query Designer. BEx queries are intended to provide the end users with queries for reporting and analysis in SAP BW. In Spotfire each BEx query becomes a cube.

What is CKF SAP BW?

Create CKF ( Calculated Key Figure in SAP HANA / BW Query / Eclipse BW Query ) 2 3 4,348. We have a requirement to create Total overtime hours in a report. This is calculated by a formula as we have the normal regular hours + overtime hours in 2 separate fields.

How do I create a key figure in SAP APO?

To create key figures, navigate to SAP Easy Access → Demand Planning → Environment → Data Warehousing Workbench. This will open the Administrative workbench. Go to Edit → Objects → InfoObjects. To create Key Figure, select type as Key figure.