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Where are all secret trainers in Wizard101?

Where are all secret trainers in Wizard101?

Today we’ll be visiting:

  • Sabrina Greenstar – Wizard City Fairgrounds.
  • Mortis – Nightside.
  • Dworgyn – Nightside.
  • Mildred Farseer – Colossus Blvd.
  • Tish’mah – Krokotopia.
  • Niles – Krokotopia.
  • Alharazed – Krokotopia.
  • Croaky – Marleybone.

How do you get the secret shopper badge in Wizard101?

You need to go into the shop five times to become a “secret shopper.” So, just go in and out five times to get the badge.

How do I get to the oasis secret shop?

After the obelisks are entirely filled with red, their tops will shine, and the portal between them will activate. Stepping on the portal will transport you to the market, and after entering the shop 5 times you will receive the Secret Shopper badge.

What is the best spell in Wizard101?

The top 25 highest damage spells in Wizard101

  • Scion of storm – 2550.
  • Scion of fire – 2400.
  • Scion of myth – 2300.
  • Scion of balance – 2250.
  • Scion of ice – 2200.
  • Scion of death – 1950.
  • Heck hound – 1820.
  • Storm owl – 1575.

Where are the gardening trainers in Wizard101?

Farley in Wizard City. Farley is located in the Wizard City Golem Court area. He’s the NPC that carries you through the gardening tutorial at level 12. Gardening spells offered by Farley are the starter spells you will need to begin ranking up.

Where can I learn spells in Wizard101?

Gaining New Spells After the Tutorial every wizard starts the game with 1) the first level spell from their School and 2) a wand that grants them the other 6 first level spells from the other Schools. As your level increases, you will be summoned to your School by your Professor many times in order to learn new spells.

Where is Mildred farseer in Wizard101?

Colossus Boulevard
Location: Colossus Boulevard, In a house just North of Mindy Pixiecrown – the short downhill court to the house on the end – not along the main road.

How do you get to the secret shop in Krokotopia?

Re: How do I access the hidden shop in krokotopia? You do have to wait until the scarabs on the sides of the obelisks are all lit up, then each obelisk will shoot light rays onto the teleporter pad and it will then be accessable.

Where can I find nettle root in Krokotopia?

Nettle root is a pet snack. It is a drop from numerous Krokotopia creatures, including the charmed slaves, hall servants, and any nirini. A lot of the bosses drop it, too. It’s dropped.