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How wide is the Hagia Sophia dome?

How wide is the Hagia Sophia dome?

The dome is 108 feet [33 meters] in diameter and its crown rises some 180 feet [55 meters] above the pavement.” In its 1,400 year life-span it has served as a cathedral, mosque and now a museum.

What are the dimensions of the Hagia Sophia?

And, the Hagia Sophia’s 104 columns were imported from the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, as well as from Egypt. The building measures some 269 feet in length and 240 feet in width and, at its highest point, the domed roof stretches some 180 feet into the air.

What is the diameter in meters of the dome of Hagia Sophia?

The vast, airy naos, or central basilica, with its technically complex system of vaults and semi-domes, culminates in a high central dome with a diameter of over 101 feet (31 meters) and a height of 160 feet (48.5 meters).

How much does the Hagia Sophia dome weigh?

Conclude that the original shell weighed approximately 2,560,000 pounds. Refer to the section “The Hagia Sophia” and derive the estimates P ≈ 81,000 pounds for the push of one rib against the base of the original dome and H ≈ 50,000 pounds for the horizontal component of P.

What holds up the great dome of the Hagia Sophia?

Pendentives to Support the Dome The Hagia Sophia dome is supported by four pendentives that were built at each corner of the square base of the cathedral. The use of pendentives by Isidore marked the first large-scale incorporation of this constructive element, which became distinctive of Byzantine architecture.

What allowed the architects of Hagia Sophia to put a round dome on a square base?

Hagia Sophia makes use of four triangular pendentives which allow for the weight of the circular dome to transition to a square supporting superstructure below without massive pillars or columns interrupting the internal space.

Does the Hagia Sophia have the largest dome?

Hagia Sophia boasted the ancient world’s second largest dome. (The biggest was in the Pantheon.) However, because the 107-ft dome was supported on four pendatives, it enclosed the largest interior space in antiquity.

How long was Hagia Sophia the largest dome?

Hagia Sophia

Length 82 m (269 ft)
Width 73 m (240 ft)
Height 55 m (180 ft)
Beginning date 360
UNESCO World Heritage Site

What is the exact height of the Hagia Sophia dome in feet and inches?

The dome is built by brick and mortar, it is 31, 24 mt (102 ft 6 in) diameters and is 55, 6 mt (182 ft 5 in) high….HAGIA SOPHIA.

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What is the height of the dome of Hagia Sophia?

184 feet
A lofty central dome, 102 feet in diameter and 184 feet in height, spans its spacious nave. That dome sits on pendentives – or supporting arches at the corners of a square – that make the transition to a circular plan possible. The arches at the east and west are extended and buttressed by great half-domes.