What is external shading devices?

What is external shading devices?

External shading devices, such as eaves, awnings, and verandahs, play a critical role in reducing unwanted solar heat gain, especially in cooling-dominant climates and during summer in temperate climates. Shading devices work firstly by restricting unwanted direct solar radiation through windows.

How do you make a shading device?

To properly design shading devices it is necessary to understand the position of the sun in the sky during the cooling season. The position of the sun is expressed in terms of altitude and azimuth angles. The altitude angle is the angle of the sun above the horizon, achieving its maximum on a given day at solar noon.

What is egg crate shading device?

A combination of horizontal and vertical elements forming an eggcrate-type shading system is often used in the architectural design of building facades. An analytical-numerical method is presented to estimate the shading effect of such a structure on vertical windows of arbitrary azimuthal orientation.

What are internal shading devices?

The exclusive use of internal sun-shading devices such as roller shades, venetian blinds, curtains and drapes, is not recommended. The major disadvantage internal device is that, regardless of how reflective they are made, they trap heat on the interior of the glass so it remains indoors.

What are shading technologies?

Shading technology is a broad term that describes additions to a building that prevent over-heating or cooling of the space. These additions include, awnings, blinds, deciduous trees, and roof overhangs. Shading is an old, but still underutilized, form of passive solar heating and cooling.

What are horizontal shading devices?

elements like canopies, verandas, louvres and roof overhangs are the most common types of Horizontal Shading Devices (Figure 1). These elements are optimum for northern and southern elevations. …

What is horizontal shading device?

What do you mean by sun shading devices state and discuss the different types of sun shading devices?

Introduction  Sun Shading Devices are any mechanical equipment or textiles that are used either internally or externally or in between the internal and the external building space.  The primary objective of creating a comfortable internal environment, that is, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What is internal shading devices?

Internal shading is almost always adjustable or retractable, and is typically in the form of roller or venetian blinds or curtains. It is easily adjusted and maintained, and sometimes can provide night-time blockout.

What is active shading?

Active shading systems are. increasingly used in buildings, due to their ability to mainly improve the building environment, reduce energy consumption and in some cases generate energy. They may be categorized into three. classes: smart glazing, kinetic shading and integrated renewable energy shading.