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What is the difference between Sigma 150-600mm Sport and Contemporary?

What is the difference between Sigma 150-600mm Sport and Contemporary?

The Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3mm Sport lens weighs significantly more than the Contemporary version. The Contemporary weighs 4.3 pounds (1.95 kilos) and the Sport weighs 6.3 pounds (2.86 kilos). Just because I’m hungry right now, I’ll put that in terms I can better relate to.

What is the difference between Sigma Sport and Contemporary?

As is clear, the Contemporary version is cheaper and lighter and aimed at the “consumer” market. The Sport is reportedly sharper, has faster autofocus, is more ruggedly built, and boasts better weather sealing. The Sport version is aimed at the “pro” market.

Is the Sigma 150 600 Contemporary good for sports?

The Sigma 150-600 Sports lens is phenomenal– with the image quality of a prime lens and the flexibility of a 4X zoom in a compact, weatherized body, this lens is a game changer for sports and wildlife photographers. Tell us which Sigma 150-600mm is right for you!

What is the difference between Contemporary and sports lens?

Contemporary lens has a larger zoom ring with no contour in diameter mid-ring. Sports lens has a more-serious manual focus ring that is significantly larger with much more grip surface.

Is the Sigma 150 600 Contemporary good lens?

Overall, the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary is a nice, sharp lens that produces very good images. As with most long telephoto zoom lenses, they tend to be sharper at the shorter focal lengths, and that’s the case here with the Sigma — though it’s not a severe drop in sharpness at the longer focal lengths by any means.

Is Sigma 150-600mm contemporary weather sealed?

The 150-600mm Contemporary lens features an optical layout consisting of 20 elements in 14 groups, with a single FLD and three SLD glass elements, and has weather-sealing around the lens mount (a noted difference from the Sports version, which is sealed throughout the barrel).

How far away can you shoot with a 600mm lens?

On a Simple note, you can see from a few meters to infinity depending upon the size of the subject. You can easily reach up to 12 times closer to your subject using a 600mm lens on a full-frame lens. You can reach as far as our Solar System and look at Jupiter and Saturn too.