Is there a shorter version of Runaway?

Is there a shorter version of Runaway?

The song became the basis for the short film Runaway. The film has four versions: the full-length film, a one minute-shorter clean version, the video version which is an excerpt of the film that matches the length of the song, and the extended video version which is nearly double the length of the video version.

What sample did Kanye use for Runaway?

Being the student of hip-hop that Kanye West is, it should come as no surprise that he digs deep. For the drums to his new single “Runaway,” ‘Ye put the 10 second intro breakbeat used on Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s 1992 album cut, “The Basement,” to good use.

What is Kanye West longest song?

Can you name every Kanye West song from his 9 Studio Albums that is more than 5 minutes long?

Album Length
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 9:08
Donda 8:58
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 7:49
Late Registration 7:28

What note does Kanye play in Runaway?

Runaway is written in the key of E Major. According to the Theorytab database, it is the 5th most popular key among Major keys and the 7th most popular among all keys.

Where is the best place to Runaway from home?

10 Places To Visit If You Just Want To Run Away From Life & Get Your Sanity Back

  • Karuna Farm, Kodaikanal.
  • Gateway to Rann Resort, Dhordo.
  • Pushkar Adventure Desert Camp, Pushkar.
  • Samardha Camp, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Big Red Tents, Maharashtra.
  • Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg.
  • Plan The Unplanned Camp, Wayanad.
  • West Ladakh Camp, Ladakh.

What is Kanye’s shortest song?

The atmospheric collaboration between The Dream and West collaborators DJDS is a version of J. Holiday’s 2007 hit “Bed,” only this time stretching almost 20 minutes long. According to The Fader, the song was originally written for Chris Brown, and the demo had been previously released in a 53-track bootleg mixtape.

Who invented the E note?

Fun Fact: Kanye invented the E note specifically for Runaway : r/Kanye.

What BPM is runaway?

Runaway is a very sad song by Kanye West with a tempo of 85 BPM. It can also be used double-time at 170 BPM.

Why did Kanye make 808s and heartbreaks?

His feelings of loss, loneliness, and longing for companionship and a sense of normalcy inspired 808s & Heartbreak. West later said, “this album was therapeutic – it’s lonely at the top.” West felt that his emotions could not be fully expressed simply through rapping, which he said had limitations.