What can I do with carded batts?

What can I do with carded batts?

Carded batts are brilliant for building up 3d shapes. You could even use it as a base to wet felt as the fibres are short and open which lends itself well to binding to itself and other fibres. Carded batts come in natural wool shades and also in dyed colours depending on where you purchase your wool from.

How much is a batt of wool?

approximately 1 lb.
* Carded Wool Colour: The batts are one to two inches thick and are composed of multiple layers of thin fibre web that can be separated and peeled away to achieve your desired felt thickness and weight. Each batt weighs approximately 1 lb.

What are carded wool batts?

The fleece is washed, teased out, and carded into batts (large thick sheets of wool). The short fibres go in different directions and the wool can be broken off in handfuls, thin sheets, or a long strip.

Can you wet felt with carded wool?

Sliver is a good allrounder for wet felting and needle felting especially at the beginning and middle stages of construction. Once the wool is carded, rather than making batts it is possibly dyed then combed until all the fibres are facing in one direction.

What is the difference between wool roving and wool batting?

Batting (also known as batts or fleece) and roving have both been pulled through carding machines which comb and align the fibers to some degree. But with batting, the wool comes off the machine in thin sheets which are layered to form thicker fluffy sheets.

How do you spin carded wool?

Carded wool can become a bit compacted as it travels from the carding machine to your spinning wheel. Simply pull the fiber out of the bag, fluff it just a bit, and begin spinning. I often see spinners using a semi-woolen draft with these fibers.

Is carded wool the same as roving?

Roving: The term “roving” applies to the method in which wool has been prepared for use. It is carded, and then from the carder, the wool is pulled and slightly twisted into a long continuous strip. Roving can be fuzzy or smooth and any color or type of wool. It can also be quite thin or as thick as a wrist.