What is multimedia Object Server?

What is multimedia Object Server?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Media Object Server (MOS) protocol allows newsroom computer systems (NCS) to communicate using a standard protocol with video servers, audio servers, still stores, and character generators for broadcast production. The MOS protocol is based on XML.

What is a MOS gateway?

MOS Gateway uses the MOS protocol as a standard for communications between newsroom computer systems and Media Object Servers (MOS), such as video servers, audio servers, still stores, and character generators.

What is MOS in journalism?

MOS – An acronym for “man on street” interview, in which a reporter on location gets spontaneous sound bites comprised of reactions to a story from members of the public.

What is MOS projects?

The Monthly Operational Summary (MOS) reports on the status of projects while they are in the World Bank’s lending pipeline. Projects appear in the MOS from the point they are identified up to the signing of the loan or credit agreement.

Is the Internet a multimedia server?

Internet access can be an important component of a multimedia server. Users can stream media directly from websites that host music and video broadcasts. Other websites sell media files that consumers can download directly onto their computers.

What is multimedia database in DBMS?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Multimedia database (MMDB) is a collection of related for multimedia data. The multimedia data include one or more primary media data types such as text, images, graphic objects (including drawings, sketches and illustrations) animation sequences, audio and video.

What is Avid iNEWS?

The Avid Certified User for iNEWS certification validates that an individual posses a firm grasp of the core skills, workflows, and production technique concepts for the iNEWS system on which each station builds their unique workflow.

What is MOS integration?

A robust MOS Gateway with interfaces to ENPS, iNews and others for reliable and cost-effective integration between existing video servers and newsrooms systems. As part of the Flex Network the MOS system can also provide control of switchers, graphics systems and routers for secondary events.

What is sot news?

Voiceover-to-sound(VO/SOT) – A TV news story during which a news anchor or reporter reads a script live as video is played up to a place when a news maker video/audio sound bite is played. At the end of the SOT, the reporter or anchor resumes reading with or without additional video.

What is a MOS workflow?

The Media Sequencer contains one or more MOS playlists if set up in a Newsroom workflow connected to a Viz Gateway. The Media Sequencer is responsible for communicating with the Newsroom system through the MOS protocol and keeping the MOS playlists up to date.

What does Mos mean in television?

Script abbreviation calling for a silent shot or scene accompanied by neither dialogue nor sound effects. It is said to have originated with a German-speaking Hollywood director who habitually referred to such shot as “mit out sound”.