What nameservers does GoDaddy use?

What nameservers does GoDaddy use?

To use GoDaddy nameservers as the primary nameservers, you’ll need to make sure your own nameservers are set as the secondary nameservers. You’ll need to configure your own nameservers as the secondary and set to make AXFR queries from 97.74. 112.1 and/or 97.74. 112.2.

How do I point my GoDaddy domain to 1and1 hosting?

To point your domain to IONOS, you will need to log in to your IONOS account and navigate to Domains & SSL section. Once there, click on Set up existing domain, enter the domain name, and select 1&1 IONOS Name server. After you copied the values, you only need to change nameservers at your domain’s DNS Zone.

What are custom name servers?

A custom name server allows you to run your own name server to respond to DNS requests for your domains. You can also decide to set up custom name servers for branding purposes if you would like to hide the fact that your domain’s DNS requests are handled by our public name servers.

How do I point my GoDaddy domain to namecheap?

Now, let’s take care of some extra steps:

  1. Go to your Domains panel.
  2. Click in DNS > Add DNS Hosting.
  3. Enter your domain name.
  4. You should get two Nameservers.
  5. Set those nameservers in your namecheap dashboard.
  6. After you set your NS in namecheap, go to your gateway.
  7. Under your hosting plan, click in “Settings”

Is GoDaddy a DNS provider?

GoDaddy’s Premium DNS offers you more for less – it’s as simple as that. Not only does it include Standard DNS options, it also includes advanced features for a higher level of support.

What is BigRock name server?

BigRock allows you to specify from within your Reseller Control Panel a set of Default Name Servers. These Name Servers are pre-filled, when you or your Customer attempts to register a domain name. Login to your Control Panel. 1. In the Menu, point to Settings and click Branding Settings.

Is name server the same as DNS?

A DNS server and “name server” are the same thing. The acronym DNS means Domain Name Service, Domain Naming System, or Domain Name System, depending on whom you talk to, but it’s all the same thing.