Can Zoomer playful pup walk?

Can Zoomer playful pup walk?

Full of life and personality, this interactive dog can walk, bounce, pounce and play. Zoomer Playful Pup is adorable on the outside and innovative on the inside, featuring the most advanced and sophisticated voice recognition technology in the Zoomer portfolio.

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Can Zoomer Playful Pup walk?

How do you name Zoomer?

How do I name my Zoomer Playful Pup™

  1. Push the back button to start recording.
  2. Say the name clearly into the microphone located on the back beside the button.
  3. Your Zoomer Playful Pup™ will YIP and the eyes will turn off for a moment.
  4. The eyes will go back to solid orange for round 2.
  5. Say the name clearly again.